Best Refrigerator in Pakistan 2020

Food storage and its many ways have been around for as long as food has been around. The technology and the ways have evolved with time, but the purpose has been the same. These new advances have allowed for a lot of new options that help keep the food fresh and make the perishables last longer. Even the thought of a life or a kitchen without a refrigerator is a strange one now.

While we may have started using refrigerators for saving and storing food once upon a time, that is not the sole function now. Getting a refrigerator has become quite a difficult job and the consumers are getting confused about what features to look for and why is it important.

Basic Features in a Refrigerator

While the features and the advancements have been increasing steadily with time, there are some basic features that are important and should be the first ones that you look at when you check refrigerator price in Pakistan or think about getting the best refrigerator out there.

1) The Door Style

The designs and the styles of the refrigerators have changed and evolved along with the technology. The French-door style has recently become very popular, but there are other options as well including the side-by-side door and the traditional and the handiest top-freezer refrigerators. The ones with top freezers are the most convenient due to easy access to frozen food.

2) Shelves

There are so many options that one can consider when it comes to shelving. The latest is sliding shelves that give unlimited access and also help in storing bottles that are too tall for the stationary shelves. Adjustable and glass shelves are also a great option and Orient refrigerators come equipped with those very types.

3) Temperature Controllers

It is always better to get a refrigerator that automatically controls both the temperature and the humidity because that keeps the content completely fresh. When getting the best refrigerator, you should take a look at all of the controls as well as the special features being offered.

The Best Refrigerators in Pakistan: Orient Crystal Series 2020

If you are looking for a refrigerator that is sleek and smart, design-wise, and also has all the important features that you might need and want in a product that will last you a lifetime, we have your answer.

Orient, the fastest-growing consumer electronics brand in Pakistan, recently launched Crystal Series, glass-door refrigerators. The refrigerators come with a number of unique and smart features and are designed to deal with extensive user requirements. Some of the important features in the refrigerators are:

1- Utility

These are the most important features in any product because they are added to keeping the user in mind. Bigger space, unbreakable door pockets, and tougher shelves are just some things that are the demands of every consumer. Crystal Series comes with all these features and so many more including bottle space and a separate medicine box.

2- Energy Efficiency

While you would love your refrigerator to have a hundred smart and different features, it is still smarter to choose one that saves energy even with all those other things. Crystal Series fulfills that wish as the refrigerators are highly energy-efficient and provide economical solutions to all problems.

These were the standard features that the Orient refrigerators come with, but there are a few more unique and smart ones that you would not find in other refrigerators.

3- Instant Freeze

This is the exceptional feature that says a lot about the power and the working of the complete refrigerator. The cutting-edge technology of the Orient refrigerators ensures that water freezes at the lowest time possible, making the refrigerator the most user-friendly one in the market.

These are just the very basic features that are a part of the Orient Crystal Series Refrigerators. There are several others including:

  • Thickest Door Insulation

  • Roll Bond Evaporator

  • Bigger & Tougher Shelves and

  • Humidity Controller

With all these exceptional features and an energy-efficient design, Orient refrigerators also offer the best refrigerator price in Pakistan.

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