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Buy Orient Washing Machines Online in Pakistan

As technology is bringing convenience & ease in every field of life, catering domestic chores through home appliances have become more of a necessity & people are more dependent on them to perform daily tasks more effectively in lesser time. Among other home appliances, washing machines are an imperative equipment for effortless washing of clothes.

Washing clothes is definitely a laborious job if done in the customary way. No matter how much one tries to escape from it, the need for clean & beautiful wears for your daily or occasional use tends to keep one engaged in this activity. Considering the need of the hour, washing machines in Pakistan have become the first choice of every household woman for facilitation in terms of catering dirty home laundry thus enabling them to carry out this domestic chore in a fast & fatigue-free way.  

At orient.com.pk, we have a decent assortment of top-quality washing appliances that are highly durable and ensure optimum performance in all given situations. While you may find washing machines from other brands quite expensive, we make sure that you get the best washing machine price in Pakistan so that you take care of laundry chores in a cost-effective manner.

Wide Range of Automatic & Semi-Automatic Washing Machines Available at Best Price in Pakistan

Orient’s efficient washing machines are easy to operate & come with many innovative features such as program selection, magic cleaning filter, rinse mode, wash mode, child lock, delay start, power-off memory, self-diagnostic, auto balance and much more. Owing to these high tech features & built-in sensors, Orient washing machines are able to provide a one-time stain free wash while keeping the quality of the fabric in its original state. The electronic controls embedded in Orient washing machines allow them to give the user a smooth washing experience every time thus helping families and individuals to work with ease and comfort for clean laundry.

The washing machines available at orient.com.pk come in different colors, designs, sizes and set of functions to enable the user to save energy while expending a limited amount of water & detergent. On our online catalog, you will find numerous quantities helping you choose your machine easily by keeping your requirements in front. While buying online home appliances through orient.com.pk, you can be very sure about the prices as our offerings have very fine rates in comparison to other physical & online stores in Pakistan.

Orient houses all major classifications of washing machines in Pakistan, so that consumers can have every option at their disposal and that too at highly competitive prices. Ranging from top loading fully automatic washing machines to dual tub semi-automatic washing machines with dryers, orient.com.pk has everything to cater your laundry requirements.

So, if you want to add convenience in your life then scroll through our catalog to check out our washing machine collection. All machines available at orient.com.pk come with brand warranty and perfect product information to ensure reliability to every customer.

In order to catch our latest product lineup at an introductory price, place your order today to enjoy the best semi-automatic & automatic washing machine price in Pakistan.

Say no to dirty laundry and get your order delivered directly to your doorstep!

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