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    [description start] Description With our Steak 62D Grill Black, we have perfected the art of combining power efficiency with microwave cooking. Steak is just great with the usual microwave features...
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The Best Orient Microwave Ovens


Orient microwave oven series is elegance redefined. A must have for every kitchen and counter top, the Orient microwave series features a variety of traditional and grill base units ranging from compact room units to larger, purpose-built ovens. With built in auto-cook presets, you can get anything from a pizza to popcorn or lasagna to baked sandwiches set to finish by a push of a button. We have also incorporated other features such as de-frost and multi-stage cooking to help create savory dishes all year round, because to create something really good you need to get the best tools, and these are the best microwave ovens in town!


All Orient microwave ovens come with a detachable load tray that can be taken out for cleaning. The ovens also come with additional handy family features such as child lock and cycle alerts, allowing you to work without worry. So whether you are looking to re-heat that delicious gravy from last night or looking to create something yummy for the family, Orient microwave ovens have you covered.

State-of-the-art Orient Microwave Ovens

Fast life, fast food. That is the rule of the new millennium. We at Orient love food as much as you do and understand how stressful cooking can be when one is short on time. Thus to help you with your cooking tasks, Orient has developed a range of versatile microwave ovens. Who thought cooking could be so easy?!

Looking for solo microwave ovens for a quick heating up of last night's leftovers or grill microwave ovens to release your baking dreams, Orient has all your food woes solved! Now You can Buy Microwave Oven Online at Orient website.

Chef in the Kitchen

Grill some fish for a healthy meal, bake or thaw, as you please. The options are endless! ADDITIONAL features such as Child-lock, Weight Defrost and Combo function have been integrated into our microwaves, to make cooking a truly enjoyable, easy breezy experience.

Hassle Free Cleaning

Cleaning up a microwave oven can be troublesome but not if you buy one from Orient! All our microwave ovens are equipped with a detachable tray to make cleaning up the microwave effortless.

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