Best Microwave Oven in Pakistan 2020

If you have a big family or even if you’re just looking for convenience over everything else, microwave ovens are the ideal appliances for your kitchen. Not only are they convenient, but they’re also versatile and very low-priced compared to almost everything else in your kitchen. Not just limited to heating up things, microwave ovens now are also being used to grill, cook, and bake everything from microwave meals to pizzas and cakes.

The main feature that sets the microwave ovens apart is that they don’t need to be installed, but can rather just be kept anywhere in your kitchen just by plugging it in. Due to all these qualities and their ability to save modern man time, microwave ovens are very important. Before you spend or waste your money on an appliance that doesn’t hit the mark, there are a number of things that you need to look at as you decide which microwave oven to get in Pakistan.

Features of the Best Microwave Oven

There are a good number of features that should be a part of the microwave oven that you end up getting, but some of the most common and important ones are:

1- Turntables

Turntables are the round glass dishes that are placed in the microwave ovens. The function of these dishes is to rotate and evenly heat up the food. If your microwave oven does not have one of these, you’d have to stop the cycle midway and turn your food around to heat it from all sides. You should always ensure that the microwave oven you end up getting has a glass turn table that is removable. Being removable makes the dish easy to clean.

2- The Quick Heat or 30 Second Button

You might be taking the 30-second button for granted or thinking of it as a trivial addition, but it is far more important than just that. It helps you add time quickly instead of starting the whole cycle again and saves precious seconds. Just pop your food in and press the button to start heating it.

3- Preset Functions

Preset functions are the ready-made cycles for different dishes that are added in the microwave oven. The variety of dishes may depend on a number of things, but the functions of defrosting and reheating are usually common. While these functions are important, you should not always look for ones that have the most. They may be pricier and there is no saying that you will end even end up using all the functions.

Best Microwave Oven in Pakistan 2020

Looking at all the features we mentioned above, we tested a number of different models and came to the conclusion that Orient Steak 62D microwave oven is the ultimate choice when it comes to microwave ovens in Pakistan. Not just beautiful design, the microwave oven also combines five distinct levels of cooking to give you food that is delicious and just right by the guidelines.

The key features include:

  • Beautiful Design

  • Digital Control Type

  • 5 Level Cooking

  • Child Safety Lock

  • Auto Cook

  • Convenient

  • Energy Efficient

  • Elegant finishing

Heating, reheating, defrosting, broiling, baking and grilling, Steak does it all. This is exactly why we have come to the conclusion that you cannot choose better than the best microwave oven in Pakistan!

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