Cleaning a Water Dispenser

If you own or have owned a water dispenser for some time now, you might think it is a daunting task to keep it clean and well-sanitized for everyday use. Getting the best water dispenser is a serious business and you should well consider the durability and the maintenance when you enquire for the water dispenser price in Pakistan.

Everything to Consider Before You Start Cleaning

The first thing to do as you decide to start cleaning your water dispenser is to decide upon the solution you would like to use. Bleach or any other cleaner works fine, but it is far more preferable that you use vinegar or an unscented bleach. Cleaning with vinegar keeps your drinking water hygienic and ready to consume as it is completely safe while also helps you get rid of all the bacteria, germs, and the likes in short order.

Why is it Important to Clean Your Water Dispenser?

 Your water dispenser might be one of the best appliances that you have or need at home, but even though the water within it is clean, the moist environment is ideal for the growth of germs and microorganisms.

To ensure that you are always getting clean water, it is important that you clean the water dispenser every six weeks.

The Cleaning Solution

The solution you choose to clean your 2 taps- water dispenser with can easily be prepared within a few minutes. You can use either the vinegar or the unscented bleach, depending on what you have on hand.

1- Vinegar: Add 1 part vinegar to 2 parts of clean water in a bucket. Mix well before you use it.

2- Bleach: Mix 1 tablespoon of bleach in a gallon of clean water. This creates a very mild solution. You need to be careful so as to not spill this anywhere.

    Cleaning the Water Dispenser

    Now, let’s see how we can clean the water dispenser in just a few short steps.

    1. Unplug the water dispenser and remove the bottle.

    2. Wet a small sponge and clean the inner surface of the water dispenser with the cleaning solution.

    3. Just add the remaining solution from the top and have it run through the dispenser to rinse it out.

    4. Clean the drip tray well by scrubbing.

    5. Now, clean the water bottle and dry it well before you place it on the dispenser.

    6. Finally, place the water bottle back in its place, turn on the water dispenser and see if it works.

      These are just a few short steps that you need to follow as you clean your water dispenser to keep everything hygienic and safe for you and your family. The water dispenser price in Pakistan may vary, but if you want the best water dispenser, Orient should be your first choice!



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