Air Conditioners

Why Orient Air-conditioners are the best choice?

Orient air-conditioners are technologically advanced coupled with state of the art features including T3 Optimized Inverter, Optimized Compressor Drive, Low Voltage Operation, Eco Gear Technology, Japanese Compressor to name a few.

What is EComfort?

Orient smart Air-conditioners are wifi enabled and can be operated and controlled with Mevris – Orient’s proprietry mobile application. Mevris offers unique CPAD system to operate, control and further increase efficiencies of Orient Air-conditioners.

What are different types of air-conditioners which Orient offers?

Orient offers wall mounted commonly known as split air-conditioners as well as Floor Standing air-conditioners both in DC Inverter and non-inverter technologies.

What are the sizes of Air-conditioners?

Orient offers split air-conditioners in 1 ton, 1.5 ton and 2 tons whereas Floor Standing are in 2 ton and 4 ton.

What is T3 Technology?

Orient T3 Technology means T3 Tropicalized Inverter and any T3 IoT DC Inverter AC performs best even at high ambient temperature of 60 degree Celsius.

What is Auto Pilot feature and how much energy it can save?

Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter with Auto Pilot feature provides a choice of 5 different cooling control profiles to ensure up to 80% energy savings.

What is Eco Gear Technology?

Orient Air-Conditioners also come with great Eco Gear Technology which gives option to run air-conditioner on any of the preset power saving system.

Does Orient air-conditioner perform best at low voltage as well?

Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter air-conditioner operates on as low as 70 Volts without compromising on its cooling performance.

What is Auto Clean Sterilization System?

Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter air-conditioners are equipped with built-in Auto Clean Sterilization System which automatically senses dust and also cleans its evaporator automatically to enhance its cooling and saves maximum electricity cost.

How fast it can start cooling?

Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter air-conditioners are the fastest air-conditioners due to unique optimized Compressor Drive feature. It can assure Fast Cooling in 30 seconds and Fast Heating in just 60 seconds.

What is built-in Energy Meter?

Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter air-conditioners have built-in energy meter which helps to easily monitor live consumption of electricity.

How durable and long lasting is PCB Kit?

Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter air-conditioners is equipped with new and improved Japanese PCB Kit for better protection from moisture for longer life and durability.

Can Orient air-conditioner be used in winter also?

Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter air-conditioner with its dual heating and cooling functions is geared to provide maximum comfort in all seasons and weather conditions with greater electricity savings.

Are Orient Air-Conditioners rust proof?

Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter air-conditioners come with protective Gold Fin Anti-Rust coating which prevents from corrosion caused by moisture.

Can Orient Air-Conditioners clean air?

Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter air-conditioners keep all odors away and ensure to remove bacteria and germs to provide clean and fresh air.

How noisy are Orient air-conditioners?

Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter air-conditioners make minimum noise while ensuring maximum performance.

How strong Turbo Mode is in Orient Air-Conditioners?

Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter Air-conditioners have the most powerful cooling system to provide the most rapid cooling or heating for a comfortable environment in the shortest possible time.



What makes the Orient refrigerators the best choice?

Orient offers the most sought-after refrigerators fully equipped with looks as well as the advanced technology. You will find fantastic designs for your kitchen in glass and metallic Door options along with the best-in-class technology that saves electricity and keeps your food fresh.

What are the different types of Orient refrigerators?

We offer Glass Door and Metallic Door Refrigerators in both Inverter & Non-Inverter technologies.

Why food stays fresh for longer hours in Orient Refrigerator?

The smart and cutting-edge features like Built-in Humidity Controller, Direct Cool Technology and Powerful Roll Bond Evaporator ensures that food stays fresh for longer hours.

What is instant freeze?

The smart cutting-edge Direct Cool technology of Orient refrigerators ensure the lowest freezing time, forming ice in just 18 minutes.

Will Orient refrigerators help in saving electricity?

Orient refrigerators save 35% more electricity than other brands in the market.

What is the approximate electricity consumption of Orient Refrigerators?

Orient Refrigerators are energy efficient and consume as low as 1 unit per day.

Can Orient refrigerators perform optimally during fluctuation?

Orient offers low voltage start up in its top-of-the-line products that helps the refrigerator work in even voltage as low as 90V without compromising on the cooling.

What is the load bearing capacity of Orient Refrigerator shelves?

The shelves in Orient Refrigerators are made up of high quality steel making them durable with a load bearing capacity of up to 101 Kg.

What is the function of Anti-Fungal Detachable Gasket in Orient Refrigerators?

The Anti-Fungal Detachable Gasket in Orient Refrigerators ensures bacteria-free and healthy food.


Water Dispenser

Why are Orient Water dispensers immensely popular?

Orient Glass Door Water Dispensers are the tallest and most elegant dispensers in the market. The variety of 8 beautiful colors adds aesthetics to your home.

What is the role of fastest cooling technology feature in Orient dispensers?

The fastest cooling technology feature in Orient dispensers gives you ice cold water in fastest possible cooling cycles.

How is the water cooling any different in Orient dispensers?

Orient Water Dispenser Cooling Retention Technology ensures continuous supply of cold water because of thick insulation around the cold-water tank. Our Fastest Cooling Technology gives ice cold water in fastest possible cooling cycles.

Is it a 2in1; water dispenser and refrigerator?

Yes, Orient Water Dispensers feature a fully functional refrigerator compartment at the bottom.

What are the different options available?

You can browse the website for all available options. The range varies from two tap to three tap dispensing systems, glass door and high impact polystyrene.

What is the function of three taps in the dispenser?

The dispenser not only comes with hot and cold water options but gives you water at room temperature as well.

I have kids at home who play with the dispenser. They might hurt themselves. Is there any solution?

Orient Water Dispenser Child Safety Lock offers complete protection and safety against any burns caused by accidental contact with hot water. Hot Water is dispensed only when Safety Lock is released.

What material are Orient water dispenser inner tanks are made of?

Orient offers stainless steel hot and cold tanks that are 100% rust proof ensuring hygienic water as well as durable tanks.


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