• A complete guide on how to buy a refrigerator

    18 Feb , 2019

    Times have changed. Every time you decide to go for shopping, you’d get bombarded with tons of options to choose from. The same case applies to refrigerator. With the advancement in technology, manufacturers aim to provide their customers with refrigerator that are modern, up to date and equipped with latest features available in the market. As a result, you will far too many styles, colors, and smart features to choose...


  • Launch of Mevris Application for iOS Devices

    28 Jan , 2019

    Launch of Mevris Application for iOS Devices   Welcome to the future where you control your appliances from your smartphone. We are talking about a futuristic life that you can enjoy, while living in Pakistan. Mevris application, developed by the technology wing of Orient group has now been launched for iOS-empowered devices. Earlier, Mevris could only be downloaded on Android phones but now you can use easily download it from...


  • How to Make Cupcakes in a Microwave Oven

    05 Dec , 2018
    If you're short on patience or short on time then this post is definitely for you as today we’ll be sharing the recipe of how you can make cupcakes in a microwave oven.  Well, admit it or not, we all love to have a scrumptious dessert at one point or another & what could be better to make them at home and that too according to the way you like them.


  • Plasmas or LED TVs: What to Buy in 2018?

    04 Dec , 2018
    Both LED TVs and plasmas have a lot to offer in terms of functionality, usability & entertainment options. In the modern times, LED TVs have surpassed plasmas owing to the slighter edge when taking into consideration overall efficiency.


  • 6 Amazing Air Conditioner Care Tips for Winters

    03 Dec , 2018
    As season changes, it’s time to prepare your home and contents for harsh winters approaching ahead. Proper maintenance helps prepare your air conditioner for the next cooling season by protecting it from winter elements such as moisture damage, corrosion, nesting, debris & nesting etc.