• Orient Combo Deal is all that you need Right Now!

    23 Jan , 2020

    Orient presents Combo deal, surely one of the most interesting sets of electronics. Now with the purchase of Orient Air conditioner get a microwave for free. This is a limited time offer to regard our customers during this wedding season! Replace your old air conditioner and give your kitchen the new vibes of innovation with Orient microwave. Overview of the products! Below are the details of our combo deal products...


  • Complete Your Home with Orient Refrigerator

    24 Dec , 2019

    In the life of every family refrigerator serve as the center of attention because food is obviously one of the most important things in our lives. This is a significant factor that from breakfast to lunch, brunch and dinner everything includes the use of the refrigerator. This is as simple as that, your food’s life depends on the quality of the place where you keep it, and that means your...


  • 5 Reasons to Purchase an Automatic washing machine in winters

    19 Nov , 2019

    People who do their laundry by themselves know the fatigue and issue when you don’t have the stable washing machine in winters. Those people know how difficult it is to perform this task. It’s pretty depressing when you know that your washing machine can’t cooperate with loads of cloths and there is no sun as well! In this situation Orient recommends you to choose a smart washing machine for yourself!...


  • Winter Guide for your Home Appliances

    15 Nov , 2019

    Winter doesn’t only affect the health of humans but also the home appliances which we have. Specially kitchen appliances including refrigerator, microwave ovens and water dispensers. Here are some of the tips to maintain the warm temperature of your home and make things easy for you! Change the temperature of your refrigerator Use of refrigerator is different in winters from summers. The temperature of the atmosphere is very low itself...


  • Significance of AI and ML for the protection of IoT

    06 Nov , 2019

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being explored and researched; the time is not far when these both will become the most essential part of every new technology. Talking about the technology advancement, the world of IoT is gift to the technology as it has evolved the world of technology whether domestic or commercial, IoT is making everything accessible. The biggest example is the IoT technology being used in our...