• Create the Difference with Mevris App and Upgrade Your living Standard!

    18 Sep , 2019

    Technological world is getting greater with time as new innovations are taking place of the old ones. This is very acceptable to state that All the advanced and enhanced technology is basically a modern way of performing activities which people can’t perform on daily basis. Well looking into the depth of modern technology we will see with one single innovation there are so many genres and categories which are covered...


  • We have performed a FOTA (firmware over the air) Update to Provide Better User Experience

    03 May , 2019

    We have performed FOTA version 3.1.108 update on Orient Ultron Air conditioners and want to discuss this upgrade. This new release, will gradually reform and evolve the user experience in our consumer base. It will allow you to connect and communicate with your smart air conditioners more efficiently by Mevris App. FOTA update includes following enhancements; Error Detection This latest update will improve the error detection operation in air conditioners....


  • Control room temperature and electricity bill smartly with Mevris App.

    18 Apr , 2019

    Humanity Deserves technology which is developed and used for the positive purposes, a substance which allows us to feel relaxed and reduce not just physical but mental stress as well. This is the human spirit which motivates new creations and make life of people utilizing it easier than before. Earlier in Pakistan there was no concept of air conditioning smartly. Orient has marked its name in the history of technology...


  • Orient Care Launches Mobile Bikes to Repair Your Appliances At Your Door Step!

    15 Apr , 2019

    Relieving the ambiguity of customer with revolution, transformation and innovation has been one of the greatest initiatives of Pakistan’s top electronic manufacturer, Orient. In this aspect, one more step has been taken by introducing breakthrough methodology “Orient Care Bikes” which will work for comforting the fatigue of customers regarding repair of their appliances. Now clients don’t have to worry about the long procedure and hectic tours to service centers. State...


  • BlueEast And Zong 4G Collaborates To Reform the IoT Universe In Pakistan

    18 Mar , 2019

    Top IoT company of Pakistan, BlueEast, Orient group of Companies has confirmed a joint venture with Zong 4G, one of the leading telecommunication brands in the world on March 1, 2019. According to the contract, Zong will provide the connectivity for the 20,000 existing multi-brand air conditioners in the corporate sector. This partnership will serve as the milestone of evolving the IoT in Pakistan, by transforming the Orient Group of...