We have performed FOTA version 3.1.108 update on Orient Ultron Air conditioners and want to discuss this upgrade. This new release, will gradually reform and evolve the user experience in our consumer base. It will allow you to connect and communicate with your smart air conditioners more efficiently by Mevris App.

FOTA update includes following enhancements;

Error Detection

This latest update will improve the error detection operation in air conditioners. Whether it’s the outdoor unit or indoor, all the issues and problems will be recognized and customer will get notified about them appropriately.

High-Speed WIFI scanning

To make an air conditioner smart, one process which is most important is swift WIFI scanning. This upgrade will not only identify the available WIFI networks but it will also make sure air conditioner gets connected more quickly to the customer’s home WIFI connection. This update will save the time and effort of the client.

Accurate Metering data

Our air conditioners, after getting connected with MEVRIS tell and predicts the electrical energy being consumed. This is a special feature in MEVRIS which makes it possible for the customer to learn more about each month’s electricity bill after calculating the electricity cost per unit. New FOTA update will make the procedure of prediction more efficient and correct due to the increment its communication ratio between the air conditioner and MEVRIS app.

MEVRIS is the software which enables air conditioners to get smart and stay updated with the FOTA upgrades. To download MEVRIS for iOS click here and android users click here. Make sure you checked out these new updates and make your air conditioner smart!


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