Humanity Deserves technology which is developed and used for the positive purposes, a substance which allows us to feel relaxed and reduce not just physical but mental stress as well. This is the human spirit which motivates new creations and make life of people utilizing it easier than before. Earlier in Pakistan there was no concept of air conditioning smartly. Orient has marked its name in the history of technology with the Mevris app, which aims to “Make everything Smart.”

Mevris App, A Futuristic Approach

Mevris app, is a technology based on IoT, Internet of Everything which is upgrading Orient’s air conditioners through IoT and AI. Most of the people in Pakistan are not aware about IoT and AI, IoT is the way user and the manufacturer can communicate to the technology of any device and get to know if the mechanism of the machine is working properly or not. Let’s figure this out with an easy example, for instance there is a car which stops in the middle of highway where help seems nearly impossible, driver will have to suffer through immense ambiguity when he or she will not know the actual problem in the car. Through the Internet of things and AI the data will be synchronized over the app and then with the Artificial intelligence app will not only detect the problem but it will also give diver the solution of that problem, recommending the nearest garage or petrol pump. This all happened because the information of that whole device or vehicle was present online on the smartphone of the user and the record grid of the manufacturer.

Can This Be Linked to Orient Air Conditioners?

Now the example I have given you before is the imitation of the dilemma and mechanism over which Orient’s air conditioners utilize the smart technology of Mevris app. All the air conditioners which have the e comfort technology are monitored by the user through the Mevris App installed in their smartphones. No matter what happens in the air conditioner all the information will be stored in the app and the manufacturer’s record.

How To maintain Room Temperature and Electricity Bill Smartly?

Answer to this question is very simple, Mevris app allows the user to know the detailed about the electricity consumption and the temperature requirement of the room. This whole operation is visible on the screen of the user’s smartphone as well as all the actions which are taken through the remote control are also visible and pointed on the Mevris App. Now when the user became aware about the low voltage startup and the temperature maintenance, the electricity consumption reduces, because the user acknowledges the proper mechanism of the Orient’s air conditioner. So, it becomes quite easy to adjust the temperature regarding the demand of the room and change the temperature accordingly to save the electricity and this automatically saves the units of electricity, reducing its cost at monthly electricity bill.

Through the Mevris App, there is one more thing which could be controlled, and it is the fixation of damaged part of Orient’s air conditioners. This happens when the detail of the air conditioners is shared with the manufactures as well, they will detect the issue even before the model is in market and after that if anything happens, they will be able to tackle it. Now Mevris app has not only revolutionized the consumer sector but it is very profitable for manufacturing sector as well.

The smart technology of Mevris app is not just reserved to the Orient air conditioners, but it could also be used for top brands such as Haier, Dawlance or Gree. Rather than air conditioner, you can also upgrade your other electronic appliances such as Refrigerators and Microwaves on this App. All you have to do is install it through the app store in iOS and Google play store over android easily and a smart kit into your air conditioner. Mevris app is a piece of technology innovated through the trusted source, Orient, which makes sure to answer every query by technology!

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