Technological world is getting greater with time as new innovations are taking place of the old ones. This is very acceptable to state that All the advanced and enhanced technology is basically a modern way of performing activities which people can’t perform on daily basis. Well looking into the depth of modern technology we will see with one single innovation there are so many genres and categories which are covered instantly.

They say that modern problems need modern solution and we agree with it! Why? Because we have recognized that the economy crisis is not because we don’t have money but because we don’t know how to spend money. Most of the readers will question my statement as it has nothing to do with an app. This is what exactly Mevris App is for, it doesn’t only covers all the operations through the IoT technology introduced through it but there are many other functional aspects related to Mevris app.

Mevris (make everything smart) will take the responsibility of each and every function including;

·        Operating your appliance

The moment you will install your WIFI kit and Mevris app, it will change your way of living. No matter where you will be on earth you can easily use the Mevris app to operate your appliance if the network is available on both sides. This is totally over the air experiences. This also indicates that now you don’t have to be worried about the ac your left turned on because it’s as simple as just logging in and then selecting on or off! 

·        Making sure it’s working properly and detecting the fault

There are specific functionalities which are only available in the Orient home appliances. You can easily check which part is making issues and this will not only save the time of your technician but will also give them a way to amend problem without examining whole appliance. Through Mevris app you will get the proper knowledge of when your appliance got started and from how much time it in working. If your air conditioner or refrigerator is not working that much efficiently then Mevris app will make sure to detect the cause and the fault before it gets worse.

·        Saving electricity

Electricity bill is one of the most discussed and the impactful topic in Pakistan. Everyone is making effort to save electricity through less consumption. With Mevris app you can enter the per unit rate and your app will make sure to predict the electricity bill accordingly. After that set some goals so that you can regulate your appliances accordingly in form of a schedule. This way your appliance’s electricity consumption will get controlled by Mevris accordingly.

This is the first ever Pakistani app which is making actual effort to work for a cause and provide the support to the consumer base as well! Download Mevris app for iOS or Android to get started and enter the world of innovation!

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