Aren’t clothes the most essential part of a human’s life after oxygen? Correct me if you don’t want to appear in a neat clean and perfect avatar everywhere you go! This is a point which is very sensitive and close to us all. We are the generation which want to have the instant solutions of all the issues which we are facing. When you talk about clothes the next big thing is the washing machine. There is a hassle which can’t be resolved among the people who prefer to do their laundry by themselves, “which washing machine is the best?” To solve this issue, we need to configure the most significant things such are the specifications which are an important part of any washing machine’s mechanism. Before you buy washing machine, you need to look for the one which matched your lifestyle perfectly! Here are some of the best characteristics which compose a washing machine as a perfect one!

·        Wash settings Availability

There are so many automatic washing machines which comes with the different wash setting variety. These are the functions which make you select the gentle wash or the regular one. This way you can adjust your washing style according to the quality of the clothes. There are some semi-automatic washing machines which have this function as well.

·        Attached Dryer

It totally depends on you if you want to purchase a single washing machine or the one which offers the spin drying as well. Orient washing machines offer you the attach dryer as well so that in winters you don’t have to wait for the sun to dry your clothes in fact your personal dryer will help you out! 

·        Material of the tub

When we talk about the material of the tub or the washing machine most preferable is the plastic washing machine and the steel tub inside. The reason behind the plastic being favorite is that it is shock resistant which means that when you work in the water there is not risk of catching the shock. You can work without taking the tension. This is also very important for the safety of the children or other people so whether the you purchase the automatic washing machine or semi-automatic washing machine one thing you need to take care off is material of the machine. Plastic body of the washing machine is also rust resistant!

·        Timer

Now there is a very important thing which decides the working capacity of your washing machine and that is the timer. The maximum time you can give should not be less than 10 mins. This defines the durable and high-quality washing machine which is proficient enough to accept the load and wash the clothes.


Here are some of best Orient washing machines which you need to purchase according to your requirement.



          Washing Machine




Auto 10 Kg Super Grey Washing Machine




Auto 8 Kg Super Grey Washing Machine




Auto 7 Super Grey Washing Machine




Auto 6.5 Super Grey Washing Machine



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