This is a modern world and technology evolves day by day, every place has a LED Tv which is either the simple HD LED or Android LED TV. After the trend of smartphone got hype, where the use of Television was reducing there can LED TVs which had all the important specs to entertain the user. From the 3D to 4K there is nothing which a smart LED Tv doesn’t have for us. The fact is that we need to keep these LED TVs neat and clean as well. So, Lets have a look on the process through which you can clean your Orient LED Tv quickly and nicely step by step.

1.     Turn Off Your Orient LED Tv

The first and the most important thing is to be careful and turn off your LED. Reason behind turning off the LED Tv is preparing it for cleaning also it is very safe to take precautionary measures beforehand. You need your expensive LED Tv to get clean without taking any risk.

2.     Start from The Screen

Next step to clean LED Tv after turning it off is to clean the LED TV display. At this point if you are cleaning your Led for the first time them let us tell you that Display of the LED Tv is very sensitive yet the main part of the LED TV. You don’t want your LED TV to have scratched screen, right? So, use a Microfiber cloth which is soft as well, avoid using any sort of paper towel, old T-shirt or newspaper. One more thing, make sure you also clean LED TV as gently as possible.

3.     Don’t Forget the Remote control

People often forget to clean the accessories which comes along with the LED Tv and they only stick to the Screen of their LED Tv. Actually, the fact here is that cleaning the remote control is equally important. You can clean the remote control with the brush and if you have Orient UHD LED TV you will also have the air remote, clean it as well with the help of the brush also if you don’t have a cleaning brush use toothpick to clean the buttons and wipe the remote with the smooth cloth but keep one thing in mind that cloth has to be dry!

4.     Orient Guide Lines

When you go for cleaning the Orient LED Tv, we have some of the really cool tips and the hacks mentioned on our user manual which are very important. Make sure you are reading all these hacks which we mention before cleaning your LED Tv.

5.     Avoid Extra Chemicals

Make sure you keep the process of cleaning LED Tv as simple as possible because this process doesn’t require any extra chemicals. Neither are these wiping chemicals good for the LED Tv Display nor for the remote. They can also have the reverse impact and can jam the system so make sure you avoid the extra chemicals and use the simple method.

These were some of the most important steps which you need to follow while cleaning the Orient LED TV. Make sure you follow these to have a clean LED Tv at your place. Also repeat it once or twice a week that would be enough.

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