Orient Group, committed to always keeping the customer first is creating richer and more productive experiences employing revolutionary branding schemes. Being leaders in innovation and commercial transformation, we’ve put customer experience as our chief priority for easy identification, creating word of mouth, deliverance of proper information and improved decision making for the end consumer.

The transformation of Orient’s new Smart LED TV series is centered on the decomposition of four main components. Each fragment represents a key feature of the TV set so that whenever the customer hears or sees the name, they know exactly what they’re getting.

New Nomenclature Mechanism

  • Series Name
  • Quantifier
  • Special Feature (must be in 1 word)
  • Design
  • Color

Old State of Nomenclature

Model Name: - LE32G6533

  • Basic Information can’t be guessed.
  • Difficult to remember or recall.
  • Doesn’t leave a good impact on the end consumer.

Current State of Nomenclature

Model Name: - Trumpet 40S FHD Black


Represents the series, in this case it is “Music”

40 S

Representing size (40inches) & Smart Functionality ( S)


Resolution ( Full-High Definition)


Color of the appliance


The new nomenclature is crafted for setting clear business benefits, feature identification and most importantly building better customer experiences.

Applied in 2017, the new nomenclature resolves communication errors and addresses “Empty Vessel Names” factor thus creating understanding, memorability & predictability encouraging enhanced communication between customers, dealers, investors, employees and stakeholders.

Problems the New Nomenclature Has Addressed

  • Doing away with extremely fragile and ad hoc architecture.
  • Making it easy for the product to be recalled.
  • Less chances of being deceived.
  • Easy to differentiate.

Orient Group believes that a well thought out name serves as a compact easy-to-communicate piece of information that can grab attention within a fraction of time. The new names easily deliver key objectives in accordance to the brand’s promise and values. The new nomenclature being based on the “Pick & Stick strategy” is sure to enable resonation of the product’s name.

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