Orient Group is investing in quality packaging to ensure that the products their customers are buying are not just mere physical objects rather more of an experience that gets etched in their minds when joining the brand’s family. A product’s packaging communicates many things, from what the product can do for your customers in accordance with the company’s values.

Any purchase is driven by the emotional value of people and here most importantly the science of colors also play their part in it owing to the different reactions associated with various coloring schemes. Orient Group's product packaging scheme is centered on how a consumer will react towards it. For example, products having white packaging convey uncomplicatedness, safety and pureness, whereas red packaging denotes premium products.

Considering international standards of a how a product is to be presented to a customer, the packaging of Orient’s lineup of home appliances are designed in such a way that it can be easily recognized and differentiated on the consumer’s end. It is more of an experience and the way a message is delivered using minimal words employing visuals.

We here at Orient Group are advocates of “First impression is the last impression” so safeguarding the interest of the end user on how they should be welcomed carries primary importance for us. To minimize the risk of breakage during shipping and guaranteeing that the product is received by the customer as it is committed and making it stand out as it sits on store shelves, we are investing in quality packaging.

To amplify a customer’s experience by looking at it from their perspective , Orient Group has conducted an extensive research on color schemes, designs and types of product packaging that is the most appealing to its intended consumer and helps to portray as much information about the product as possible thus facilitating the purchase decision.

Performing all functions such as distinction, protection, ease of handling, storage, convenience and decreasing deceptive message conveyance, the product packaging carries immense value as it is directly concomitant with brand’s image.

Commenting on the new packaging strategy of Orient Group, the company’s Director Mian Abdul Rehman Talat said:-

“It is all about the experience and the value you are adding to your product. Orient products are packaged differently from their competitors and are instantly recognizable owing to their minimalist & eye-catching packaging. Establishing and maintaining brand recognition for your products is a tough nut to crack and can only be accomplished by innovating and applying creativity not only on our products but also the experience. When it comes to the packaging selection of our products, we greatly rely on visual communication strategies as it represents what you and your cookies are all about. Our element choice is based on what actually a customer looks for, we put ourselves in their shoes to deliver them the experience what they want to experience”

Packaging is undoubtedly a powerful component of the experience as it crafted on grounds of the physiological response of the customer based on its first impression thus propelling them to become part of something that values their purchase.

Our new packaging scheme is a result of well scrutinized designing and branding efforts. With this latest innovation in delivering an outclass experience, we’re making it fun for the end user to unbox a new Orient product.

Anyone who’s purchased anything from Orient lately knows how beautiful their unboxing experience is. Apart from it being an exciting process, there’s an also aura of intrigue that makes the product something greater.


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