Orient's Step by Step Guide for making a Smart AC Account

16 Jun , 2017



Assuming that you have had the Smart Edition of Orient’s DC Inverter AC installed and you also have Wi-Fi facility available but are confused about how to make to control the air conditioner and do not know how to utilize its smartness then worry no longer, this step by step guide is for you!

  1. Download MEVRIS application on your android smartphone or access it via app.mevris.io on any modern web browser (Google chrome, Oprah etc.)
  2. Sign up to make a MEVRIS account and add your full name, email id, password and mobile number, click on the terms of agreement and then click on sign up. Your Mevris account is made.
  3. In the app you will see a button called the ‘Device Explorer’ click on it then click on add site button. Type in the name of the site, choose its type, choose the location and the image of the site (optional) and then click on submit. Your site is made and now visible in ‘My Sites’.
  4. Click on the site and then on the ‘Add Device’ button either in the centre or the top right. This is where you will add Orient’s Smart DC Inverter AC.
  5. All Orient’s Smart Inverter ACs come with a hotspot name/SSID and its password key which can be found on the box or leaflet. Connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop to the AC’s hotspot if it is already visible in your Wi-Fi networks or add it and enter its password/key. This will temporarily disconnect you from your internet. Click on next, if every step is carried out successfully then it will tell you that 'the connection has been established'.
  6. Connect your Smart Inverter AC to the internet wifi and click next.
  7. Reconnect your smartphone, tablet or laptop with the internet Wi-Fi and click next.
  8. Type in a name and your Smart Inverter AC has finally been added to the devices. Now you can monitor the time line and its electricity consumption, control it from any place with a Wi-Fi facility and live smartly ever after!


Note: If you do not get it right at the first attempt then do not panic, it is slightly complicated so just follow the instructions closely and you will be victorious! And if you still have any more confusion then do check out the FAQs. Cheers!