Orient is proud to introduce Ultron Super, the first ever Smart Air Conditioner which is smart in actuality, minus the flimsy claims.

Ultron Super will dramatically change your life with its host of smart features unseen in any Inverter AC in Pakistan. This AC has been designed to not just provide powerful cooling but also make known exactly how it cools!

Ultron Super's system displays all the information and statistics about its activities. The statistics are communicated via the MEVRIS application which you can download on any of your smart devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.), hence you can know exactly what Ultron Super is doing in real time, and in history as well.

Ultron Super's Brilliant Electricity Consumption Management!

Ultron Super helps manage electricity bills far beyond the average Heat and Cool DC Inverter AC. Usually, we set our AC to 18 C temperature which is, in fact, neither achievable nor comfortable. So the AC keeps running at full speed to achieve this impractical temperature consequently making your electricity bills escalate. This is where our smart AC comes in the equation; it observes the ideal temperature and makes suggestions so that you can have comfortable coolness with lower-than-before electricity cost!

The system includes a Built-in Energy Meter which displays voltage, amperes, units and power in the form of stunningly colourful visual graphs, thus you can always keep a track of how your AC is consuming by way of easy-to-understand charts.
Ultron Super's system also has a Timeline feature which updates you about every single activity and even notifies you of errors or any trouble the AC is facing. Quite a self-diagnosing doctor, no?!

Online-Control on the Go!

Your control over Orient's Ultron Super will not merely enable you to turn the air conditioner on or off from anywhere in the world but also allow you to command it to increase or decrease its temperature, change the fan speed, mode or restrict its hourly usage. Therefore feel free to unleash you inner control-freak on it!

Intelligent Scheduling For the Smart you!

If constant control isn't your cup of tea then the Ultron Super has just the right option for you. It has a clever scheduling feature through which you can set it to run as per a customised programme. Just set the AC once, sit back and watch the system do all the work. There can be multiple scheduling in a single day to cater to the whole families' needs and the programme can also be set for a week, month or year; notwithstanding alteration whenever you fancy.

Exclusively for Online Customers!

Ultron Super has been exclusively released on Orient's official website for its online customers. Buy now to be amongst the first ones to get the taste of exclusivity and live a smarter life: https://goo.gl/Stilw2

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