Orient has launched the Wifirocious Offer this Ramzan for all the customers who would not settle for anything other than smart. Under this tremendous offer, you will get the Smart Editions of Ultron Super, Ultron Bold and Ultron Classic Inverter ACs with the legendary lifetime warranty for only Rs 64,999!

Wi not WI-FI?

Living smartly just became easier! If you find it a hassle to purchase the Ultron ecomfort AC and Smart WiFi kit individually then worry no longer! The Smart Editions of Ultron Smart, Ultron Bold and Ultron Classic come with the company-fitted Smart WI-FI kit so that you can take advantage of your ACs smartness without any kind of delay!

Smart. Smarter. Smartest.

You know what is smarter than a smart edition DC Inverter AC? A Smart Edition AC with a lifetime warranty! The famed lifetime warranty, which is worth Rs 8000 otherwise, is absolutely free with the Smart Editions of Ultron Super, Ultron Bold and Ultron Classic in this offer! That means you are getting a Smart edition Inverter AC with a built-in smart WI-FI kit AND a lifetime’s worth of warranty for just Rs 64,999!

Exclusively available Online.

The Wifirocious Offer has only been released for a chosen few; that is, the netizens of Pakistan; and is solely available on Orient’s official website and not anywhere else.  The offer is only valid till Eid so do avail it as soon as you can!

To make your purchase visit Orient’s official website:-https://orient.com.pk/

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