We have a winner! Orient Group is happy to announce Mr. Shahid Iqbal from Multan as the first customer to beat our Best Price Challenge. As a reward, he’s taking home a pristine new cutting-edge Orient microwave oven.

Congratulations to you! Your new oven will soon reach you.

Mr. Shahid Iqbal was successfully able to buy an Orient AC at a price lesser than the one up on Orient’s official website.


An overjoyed Mr. Iqbal commented on his win in the following words:

"Thank you Orient for keeping your word! I received my brand-new Orient microwave oven as promised in the Best Price Challenge. Thanks a lot! Orient is the best."

 Winner of orient best price challenge.

What the Best Price Challenge is

The Best Price Challenge – issued by orient.com.pk – promises to bring the lowest prices for customers on products under the challenge’s banner. We guarantee that you won’t find prices as cheap as ours anywhere else – whether you go to another online vendor or a physical, bricks-and-mortar shop.

And if, like Mr. Iqbal, you’re able to find an Orient-approved vendor offering a better price; an unboxed, new Orient oven is waiting to be delivered at your doorstep!

This is an opportunity no other consumer electronics company is offering to their clients. So what’re you waiting for?

So What Exactly Do You Have to Do?

Beating the bet is simple; all you have to do is:

  • Buy one of the products under the challenge at a price lower than ours
  • Send in the official receipt of the transaction, along with the batch number of the article bought
  • Wait till your transaction is verified by our representative
  • Decide where you want to place your new oven – which will be on its way!

Why We’ve Issued the Challenge?

Because we aim to bring you the best – not just in home appliance innovation, but in the way we market it, too.

With this challenge, we ensure that our customers get the best deal in home appliances in Pakistan without having to visit a million vendors. Just lounge on that big, comfortable sofa, log in to orient.com.pk, and place your order. 


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