Want to get your hands on a brand new Orient microwave for free?

Nope, don’t roll your eyes. This isn’t your everyday online marketing tactic other companies use to grab eyeballs. We mean business, here!

A Deal You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

No other company has come up with such a fresh challenge for customers. With our “Best Price Challenge”, we’re guaranteeing to offer our customers the lowest prices for a selected range of home appliance products if they place their orders on orient.com.pk – our official e-commerce store.

We are sure that you won’t be able to find better prices for the given Orient products anywhere else. You can search for a better deal wherever you like – a physical store or an online shop – but you won’t get the low rates we offer.

Prove us wrong, and your prize is waiting for you.

How the Challenge Works

The Best Price is a very simple bet. We believe that the prices we’ve put up at the Orient e-commerce store are the best ones being offered all over the country and that no other vendor can give you a better bargain.

All you have to do is go out there in the market and find a better-priced deal.

  • Purchase the Product Offered at a Better Price

Once you get your hands on a better-priced Orient article, buy the product and get an official receipt from your seller. Getting the bill is a vital step – do not forget it.

  • Contact Us with Your Bill and the Article Number

Once you’ve bought the item, you’ll need to get it confirmed from our officials so we know that the purchase took place. You can either call us up or email us to send us a copy of your bill, along with the batch number of the item bought.

  • The Purchase will be Verified

Once we get your transaction’s details, we will need to get it certified from our end.

  • Get a Brand-new Orient Microwave Oven

Sit back and relax while we dispatch your new, state-of-the-art Orient microwave oven at your doorstep!


Products Included Under the Best Price Challenge

Right now, the Best Price Challenge covers three main products; Orient Smart Invertor Air Conditioners, specific LED TVs and the Spice Microwave Oven series.

Orient’s Cutting-Edge Smart ACs

The Best Price Challenge currently covers the following Orient Smart ACs:

  • The Bold Series

When it comes to smart ACs, there’s no air conditioner better than our Bold edition. Connect it with our Mevris app to control how the DC Invertor AC works and keep a strict eye on its electricity consumption. Additional features include a 50-feet throw, a Japanese PCB and an option to both heat and cool a room.

  • The Classic Series

With a glossy exterior, the classic ACs are amongst the most sophisticated Smart ACs in Pakistan. They’re equipped with futuristic Japanese Digital High Efficiency Chips that ensure efficiency. The biggest indoor unit available in the market, classic series provides personalized air conditioning solutions.

  • The Plus Series

Engineered keeping customer comfort in mind, the Plus Series uses special industrial science to reduce noise and optimize performance. Despite a 4-way cooling system, the AC comes with a low voltage operation so you can relax in your cooled down room without having to worry about long bills.

  • Super Mirror

As the name suggests, this AC comes with a mirror finish dual injection that adds a touch of glam to the most ordinary of rooms. Features are what you’ve come to expect from Orient; international grade performance with high energy efficiency.

LED TVs that Bring Stories to Life

In LEDs, the challenge covers; the Music Series, the Big Cat Series and our bestselling 4K LEDs TVs.

  • The Music Series

When it comes to LEDs, Orient is easily way ahead of the competition. With our range of Smart TV sets, you can now choose what you want to watch. When it comes to the Music series, innovation is reflected in the specifics. The series comes with powerful surround sound, exemplary picture quality and high-end specifications which you can get in 720p, 1080p and 2160p options.

  • The Big Cat Series

Equipped with HD and FHD functionality, this series packs a powerful punch with its rich viewing experience, optimal sound system and a plethora of additional, support features like HDMI and USB support.

  • 4K LED TVs

Experience what real high definition is supposed to be with Orient’s range of 4K TV series that will leave you spellbound by the precision it offers. With dual core processors, Android features and WiFi and Ethernet support, this really is the best in the market.

Cook and Bake with Orient’s Spice Microwaves

The ovens that fall under the spice series – Carrot, Chilli, Mint, Onion, Garlic and Olive – are all stylishly powerful in their own rights. No other microwave in Pakistan will give you the flexibility to bake, cook, heat and grill like the Spice ovens. Energy efficiency, combo functionality and adjustable timers are amongst additional features.


*Features may differ with differing subcategories under each products’ series.

**Best Price Challenge offer applies only to products displayed at our best price challenge sales page

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