Microwave oven is a very versatile appliance that is suitable for those who need a rapid meal but don’t have the time and skills. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that choosing the right microwave is essential for rapid and convenient cooking. Microwave ovens are a great kitchen appliance when it comes to reheating, grilling and baking. Not only do they help in fast cooking but also save time and energy.

A microwave oven has undoubtedly become an important element of our lives. Especially to the working class whose lives are fast and filled with multiple tasks. This amazing kitchen appliance proves to be helpful to in many ways when it comes to satisfying one’s appetite. A microwave works on a simple principle for cooking and reheating food, it exposes them to microwave radiation. Microwave ovens emit electromagnetic radiations of wavelengths ranging from one meter to one millimeter. These waves are produced inside the oven by an electron tube commonly termed as magnetron. Magnetron being the core component of a microwave oven, discharges microwaves inside the oven compartment causing the water molecules in the food to vibrate in order to generate heat.

The best thing about working with microwave ovens is that they draw less energy as compared to a conventional stove, hence proving to be one of the most energy-efficient appliance one can ever imagine of. On average a microwave oven consumes approximately 1100W of electricity to produce 700W of microwave power.

Buying the perfect microwave oven in Pakistan is a hard nut to crack as there are hundreds of brands making sky-high claims about their products. There are numerous of options in the market from where one can make a choice, but the question is which one is right for you and what suits your needs and requirements without being heavy on your pocket. Microwave oven prices in Pakistan may vary from somewhere around 6,000 rupees to about 16,000 rupees depending on size, features and functionality.  But, how can you be sure that the home appliance brand you’re putting your trust in is really adding value to your purchase or giving you a product that is going to last for years or whether the hardware components used in manufacturing are actually what you should expect for the price being paid.

So to sort this out for once and for all, we’ve compiled a checklist of the things you need to consider while buying a microwave oven.


Microwave ovens come in different sizes so based on the quantity of food you consume, determine the size you want to go with. Another important factor while considering the size of a microwave oven is your kitchen where you need to place the appliance. It’s obvious you don’t want to face the fate of bringing home an appliance just to realize that it won’t physically fit in the space you’ve allotted to it.

For large families who use ovens frequently, larger units are recommended while smaller models are for general use. To fulfill this requirement, orient.com.pk offers a wide of microwave oven sizes ranging from 17 liters all the way up to 38 liters to meet your daily cooking & heating needs.


Wattage and cooking time are directly proportional, higher the wattage faster the cooking time and more evenly you can expect the microwave to heat up the food contents inside. Usually, as long as your microwave is producing at least 700 watts, it should cook your food well. It is recommended that you buy a microwave oven from a reputable home appliances brand such as Orient to make certain that you’re getting the best appliance that’s out there on the market. In general, larger microwave ovens tend to offer higher wattage as compared to their smaller counterparts thus resulting in faster cooking due to additional power. 


Of course, money considerations matter. Before making a purchase it is important to understand how much you are willing to spend on a microwave oven. Microwave oven prices in Pakistan vary from exceptionally affordable to extremely expensive.  It is better you decide your budget ahead of the purchase so you don’t end up buying an overly expensive model with features you don’t use often. Pricing for microwave ovens can vary significantly depending on the size, type, features and brand. You may visit Orient’s online microwave catalog to view the best microwave ovens in Pakistan to make a decision of which model serves your need in the best possible manner.

Look for Online Deals

Let’s admit it, everyone wishes to get a discount while making an appliance purchase. If you’re looking for a high-quality microwave oven on a tight budget, then there’s no need to panic as Orient is currently offering all microwaves at market competitive prices in regards to their Best Price Challenge. Do visit our online home appliance shopping website to select the best variant for yourself.


Features can be considered the most important factor while buying a microwave oven. Usually, these electrical ovens comprise of regular heating and defrosting systems along with other advanced options such as grill & bake, child lock, auto cook, power settings, turntables, preheat functions, digital & mechanical timers etc. So, to make sure you buy a product according to your needs, always go through its feature list.


Always go for a design and color scheme that matches the style, theme and paint color of your kitchen. Orient offers a wide assortment of creatively designed microwave ovens to cater the varying needs of a large segment of consumers.  


The truth is that most of the microwave ovens being sold in Pakistan aren’t as durable as they should be, they tend to have a shelf life of somewhere around 1-2 years or so. To make sure that you purchase an appliance that lasts long, refer to orient.com.pk to find the most durable microwave ovens in Pakistan.   

By taking all the above mentioned factors into account, you are sure to find the ideal microwave oven that serves perfectly as per your kitchen needs. To make the best purchase decision, visit our microwave category to view available options and their discounted prices.

Happy microwave oven shopping!

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