Are you welcomed by a disgusting smell when you open up your refrigerator? If yes, then this post is just for you and many who face the same kind of problem every then and now. Odors can undoubtedly be a menace when you’re getting ready for a meal and can completely turn off mood.

So without further ado, here are a few tips from Orient's appliance experts on how you can keep your fridge smelling fresh all day long.

Tip # 1

Secure Your Containers

Well, a little care taken ahead of the incident can really go a long way. The most efficient way to eradicate odors is to prevent them from disseminating in the first place. If edibles that require proper storing are left open, chances are that they might release odors and in worse situations can go bad resulting in a fridge that smells like a dead rat YUKHHH!

So make sure your food is secured properly in Tupperware (plastic containers), a sealed plastic bag or saran wrap. Bottles and jars should be shut firmly to avoid any leaks, in the event of a spill; it should be cleaned as soon as possible.

Tip # 2

Get Rid of Rotten Items

Saving food is one thing, but letting it go when the time comes is also as important. Always check for whether any items need to be removed. Another important point is to label leftovers with the date they were prepared. Thoroughly examine dairy products, meat and vegetables as they are more likely to go bad and make you endure horrible smells.

Note: Never forget to go through your condiments and other seldom used items.

Tip # 3


If the stink persists after tossing your bad food, chances are you may have odorous particles spread throughout the interior of your refrigerator. This calls for a full cleaning!

Here's how to do it:-

  • Remove all the contents and store them in a properly cold receptacle (i.e. another fridge or cooler).
  • Immerse your racks, shelves and drawers in the kitchen sink filled with water and a cup of baking soda.
  • Using the baking soda water solution, wipe down the surfaces of your refrigerator including the door seals and the drip tray located on the outside bottom of the device.

Tip # 4

Use Natural Odor Absorbents

Common household items such as baking soda, oats, vinegar, dry coffee grounds, activated charcoal and unscented chlorophyll cat litter have excellent odors absorbing properties. To get rid of the odor, all you have to do is simply leave a bowl of oats or a glass of vinegar in an empty fridge for a few hours to let the magic happen.

Q: Looking for a dramatic impact?

A: Always keep an open box of baking soda in the refrigerator and replace it every three months or so depending on the degree of stink.

Tip # 5

Cover Up Scents

If you are able to downgrade the smell from a major to a minor odor, you may be able to cover up the remaining felonious scent. Vanilla extract, lemon juice and peppermint oil are three very pleasant aromas that are natural and highly effective at covering over odors. Apart from this, they are also effective cleaning agents, so one can use them to wipe down surfaces or soak a cotton ball and leave it in the refrigerator as an air freshener.

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