Micro baking for Speed & Convenience: Baking Done Right!

Baking might not seem like a fun activity to some people who are scared of the complications and long wait that it requires, but a good piece of warm cake is appreciable especially in the cold weather. If you are not as experienced with a convection oven and can barely manage to mix together ingredients, we have just the solution for you. All you will need is your microwave oven!

‘Microbaking’ is the term usually used for quick recipes that can be made in the microwave oven, instead of the conventional one. There are a number of recipes that have variations catering to the specific requirements of a microwave oven and these recipes work really well!

Muffins done in three minutes and cake made in ten; need we say more?! But, while this practice offers extreme convenience and saves a lot of time, there are some things that you need to know before you get your measuring cups out.

What Cake Pans to Use?

The first and most important thing that you have to take into account are the cake pans or your baking dishes. A microwave-safe dish or pan is the right way to go. There are several easily available in the market that you can choose from. They just need to be the right size material.

Microwave-safe dishes are not only easy to clean, they are also great for taking out the cake once it is satisfactorily cooked. You don’t even need to have perfect cake molds, just use any microwave-safe dish that you already have!

If you are looking for a great cake dish to start with, we suggest you check out the best chocolate cake now!

Some Common FAQ’s about Micro Baking

Being someone who’s new to the whole practice of baking in the microwave oven, here are some of the most frequently enquired concerns!

  • Can You Store Your Microwave Cake?

    The answer is yes! While we do suggest that you start out with mug recipes for cakes, if you are experienced and end up making more than you can consume at one time, storage is an option. After your cake has been decorated and done, cover it in a cling film or a reusable tight container, storing it at room temperature for up to four days!

    • How Do You Know the Cake is Done?

    You will be surprised at how fast and evenly a microwave cake gets done. You’ll know that is perfectly cooked when the center of the cake is firm to touch and the edges pull away from the sides of the pan. This is true for mug cakes, muffins, pizzas and anything else that you might bake in the best microwave oven online!

    • Does the Cooking Time Hold True for All Microwave Ovens?

    No! If you have ever searched for or read a recipe for baking in the microwave oven, you’ll see that it mentions the power or wattage of the microwave oven it refers to. This means that the cooking time can vary based on the power of your microwave oven. We suggest that you keep it a minute or two under the suggested time, giving you the choice to cook it more later, instead of burning it!

    If you’re looking for the perfect micro baking partner to start your baking adventures with, Orient microwave ovens with their beautiful design and energy efficient working are the best choice.

    P.S: This is the first of a micro baking series on our blog. If you are interested or have requests for more microwave oven recipes, stay tuned!

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