What are the Autopilot Modes in Orient E-Comfort Air Conditioners?

Orient air conditioners were some of the first ones that were smart and worked with IoT technology in Pakistan. The varied host of innovative features brought revolutionary change to the lives of Pakistani people as Ultron air conditioners maximized efficiency and introduced stunning savings all around.

When we say smart, we just don’t mean an integrated display for Ultron air conditioners. The smartness in these air conditioners is due to their remote working and management through Mevris, an IoT platform geared towards energy efficiency. The application can be used on laptops, smartphones, and all other devices from anywhere in the world and while the majority of the users know about the application and its use well, there are still some confusions. If you are one of the few people who are curious as to how Mevris claims to save 85% energy through Ultron air conditioners, sit tight because this write-up will blow you away!

Orient Ultron Air Conditioners and Energy Savings

With Mevris, Orient Ultron air conditioners became extreme money-saving machines that provided comfort, convenience, energy-saving, and resource management, all in one!

If we discuss energy-saving solely, one of the major reasons why Orient smart air conditioners save big on your energy bills is through the autopilot modes in the Mevris application. There are currently five autopilot profiles available that can help you reach your desired temperature in your preferred way.

 1. Max-BTU Profile

    The Max-BTU profile in Mevris is built to take the user to their thermostat set-point by maximizing the cooling provided by the air conditioner through the maximum number of BTU’s transferred to the room. This mode allows the user to reach the desired cooling in the quickest way possible and once that has been reached, the air conditioner cruises along and saves energy.

     2. Differential Profile

      Differential Autopilot profile helps users to get to their chosen thermostat set-point by maximizing the cooling or heating speed while also saving energy. Due to the energy-saving capabilities, this mode is relatively slower than the Max-BTU profile but helps saves energy along the way.

       3. Balanced Profile

        This is the profile for users who want to save energy, but achieve a comfortable temperature set-point at the same time. This mode keeps the temperature between 23 to 26 degrees while providing an optimum amount of energy saving.

         4. Round Robin Profile

          The round-robin profile steadily shifts the temperature set-point between two temperatures, one being the desired temperature and the other, a few points lower. This saves energy while lowering the temperature gradually, ensuring comfort and energy saving at the same time.

           5. Incremental Profile

            As the name suggests, this autopilot profile increases temperature gradually, ensuring maximum energy saving all along. The mode cools or heats the room one point at a time, keeping the air conditioning speed slow. This mode is perfect for times when you need to turn on the air conditioner before you enter an unoccupied room.

            All these autopilot profiles in the Mevris app contribute to savings and efficient operation of the DC inverter AC, providing you the promised 85% energy saving in Ultron air conditioners. If you haven’t yet downloaded the Mevris app, check it out now and bring innovation and smart operation to your air conditioners!

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