Even though water dispensers usually require very little maintenance, they can be prone to the occasional defect just like any other appliance.

We’ve outlined some problems & suggested possible solutions to counter common water dispensers  problems.

  • Water Tastes Unpleasant

If your water is tasting funny, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s polluted. Usually, you simply need to do a wipe down of your dispenser.

Clean the dispenser and cooler with water mixed with a little dish-washing liquid. It’s important to rinse out properly or your water will simply end up tasting like soap. You should also check your water filter in case it’s filled up with debris.

  • Enough Water Isn’t Pouring Out

If too little water is pouring out from the faucet, it may be clogged, blocking the smooth flow of water.

Again, cleaning up the water dispenser – the faucets, in particular, this time – can solve the problem. If this doesn’t help, you may have a case of trapped air in the dispenser.

To solve the problem, ask a friend to remove the water bottle out of the dispenser and press both the taps together as the bottle is put back on again. This will remove the air stuck in the dispenser’s system.

  • Water Temperature Isn’t Right

If your dispenser isn’t heating/cooling water, you might have forgotten to turn on the heating/cooling feature (usually located on the back of the appliance). If it wasn’t on, you’ll have to wait a bit to allow it to heat up or to chill once you’ve turned it on.

If this doesn’t work, you can try to clean the dispenser’s coils but make sure you’ve taken the power plugs out. If that fails, you can try to remove the water already in the dispenser and replace the bottle after giving your dispenser some rest.

If all else fails, call an engineer or the dispenser’s manufacturer.

  • Water is Leaking Out

Leak problems in water dispensers can often be misconstrued. Often times, people have simply forgotten to empty the drip tray (located beneath the taps). If it’s overflowing, then you have the source of your leak.

Also, water tends to increase in volume when it heats up. So, if a few occasional drops are falling, there’s nothing to worry about.

Some water dispensers usually have a back valve that can leak if it’s not being screwed tight shut. Check to see if this is the case.

If the leak still persists, then you may have a faulty valve - which means you need to contact an engineer or the dispenser company.


Common Issue

Reason Behind the Issue

How to Solve It

Unpleasant Taste

Unclean Dispenser or Filter

o   Clean with dishwashing soap-diluted water.

o   Check filter for debris

Too Little Water Flow

o   Clogged Taps

o   Trapped Air

o   Clean taps

o   Remove the water bottle and press the taps while replacing the bottle.

Temperature Isn’t Right

o   Switch is off

o   Problem with coils

o   Rinse out old water

o   Turn on heating/cooling switch

o   Clean coils (after plugging out dispenser)

o   Replace old water bottle with new, after draining out old water

Water Leaks

o   Full Drip Tray

o   Water volume has increased

o   Back valve is loose

o   Empty the drip tray

o   Occasional drips are okay

o   Tightly screw the back valve shut


How to Free Yourself from Water Dispenser Problems?

 It’s simple – purchase an Orient water dispenser and you’ll never have to encounter any of these problems ever again.

Built to Last

Most of Orient’s water dispensers come with a 3-year compressor warranty, along with a yearlong dispenser warranty but we’re sure that our dispensers will last much, much longer than that.

Clean Water

Orient’s dispensers purify your water to ensure the minerals are locked in while the bacteria are eliminated forever so you and your family stay healthy and vigorous at home, school, work and beyond.

Water at Hot, Cold and Normal Temperature

With Orient dispensers, you’ll never again complain that your water isn’t hot/chilled enough. Our 3+ liter cooling, and 1+ liter heating capacity means that we store hot/cold water for use throughout the day. A third tap provides water at room temperature.



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