At Orient Group, we’ve always been committed to creating richer and more productive experiences for our customers. Every new strategy and plan-of-action of ours is guided by an ever-present need to cultivate transformative technologies, ground-breaking new ideas and revolutionary marketing schemes.

Keeping with our tradition to be industry leaders in innovation and commercial transformation, we’ve rolled out an exciting new idea that will forever change the way the consumer electronics marketplace runs in Pakistan.

What’s in a Name – Identifying our TV’s Features

Since keeping up with in-coming customer feedback is amongst our chief priorities, we discovered that our customers were either being misled or were experiencing difficulties identifying the features our TVs offer.

Therefore, we’ve broken down the new titles of our Big Cat Series, for example, into four main components. Each part represents an indispensable feature of the TV set so that when you hear the name, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting in exchange for your money.

Here’s How You Can Get to Know Our Big Cat LED TVs by Their Names

The title designated to each LED is made up of four main components:

  1. Series Name:

The first word will always represent the name of the series. For example, the word ‘Leopard’ in our Leopard 32 HD Black, signifies the name of the series.

  1. Size of the TV:

The second component will always be a number that stands for the size of the TV. For example, the ‘32’ in Leopard 32 HD Black

  1. Resolution:

Thirdly, we have the resolution of the TV which can either be 720p HD or 1080p Full HD (FHD) in the Big Cat series. In the example above, ‘HD’ is the resolution.

  1. Color:

The last part is the color, which, in the example stated above, is indicated by the word ‘Black’.


As an example, see how the “Jaguar 40 FHD Black” got its name.


Components in the Name

How They’ll Appear


Series Title


The mentioned TV is a part of Orient’s Big Cats LED TV Series.

Size of the TV


Signifies the TV’s screen size is 40 inches.

Resolution of the TV


Indicates the TV’s resolution is 1080p Full HD (FHD)

Color of the TV


Represents the color of the LED which, in this case, is black.


So the next time you go to or go to one of our vendors, you’ll know exactly what’s being offered in a product – just by reading its name!

Our Revamped Name Catalog Makes Your Life Simpler

Beginning with the Big Cat Series, our novel new nomenclature is specifically designed to serve the foremost needs of the modern customer. Here’s how that happens:

  1. The Buying Experience Simplified:

Our uncomplicated new TV titles free you from the need to understand complex product codes and numbers. They are memorable and easy-to-recall for the buyer. 

  1. Saves Your Valuable Time:

The new titles will free you from the pain of going through long catalogues just to understand the basic features of a product. Simply read the name and move on!

  1. Communicate Better with Vendors

Since sometimes our customers might not know the technical terms vendors use, we’ve streamlined the entire process so that sellers and buyers talk using the same terminology, eliminating the communication gap forever.

Why the Big Cat LED TVs are Unrivalled in the Market

Our Big Cat series include three subcategories; Puma, Leopard, Cougar and Jaguar. Our TV sets come with the latest in tech; superior functionality, in-depth contrast and a picture quality that will leave you reeling with its attention to detail and realistic imagery.

High Definition Picture

Equipped with HD functionality, Orient’s Big Cat series brings you awe-inspiring clarity, with the Puma and Leopard TVs offering 720p and Jaguar coming in 1080p resolution. 

Immersive Sound

Enhanced audio quality in our TVs bring motion pictures to life with sounds that deliver a multi-sensory experience.

HDMI and USB Support

Depending on the subcategories, the Big Cat Series come with HDMI and USB support to allow data transfer and HD video programming.

So what are you waiting for? Log in to our website, place an order for the best LED TVs in Pakistan and forever change the way you watch television.

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