Since a refrigerator is a huge investment, you want to make sure you put your money on the safest best in the market. With the summer season almost upon us, the time’s ripe to invest in an all-purpose refrigerator.

Even though the basic purpose of a fridge is to keep food fresh, the number of things a fridge can do will astonish you. Therefore, before making the final decision, consider your family’s daily needs and choose accordingly.

Here’s What to Remember Before the Final Decision

  • How Big is Your Family?

Experts claim that a family of four can satisfactorily do with a 12 cubic feet fridge in Pakistan. However, if your family tends to run through supplies quickly, and you need to buy in bulk, then do consider a larger option.

  • Do You Have the Space?

Before making the final investment, do check if you have the space where the fridge will sit. See if you can open the doors comfortably. Do they bump into anything when they’re opened? Other spatial concerns – like the width and height of the area where it’s placed – is a consideration as well.

  • What did Your Old Fridge Lack?

The fridge you previously used is a good guideline, as well. It’s size, shelf space, features and other similar capabilities are a good guideline for what you need to buy next. Also keep in mind the problems you had with it, so your new investment gives you what the old one lacked.

A Fridge Engineered Especially for the Pakistani family

By employing state-of-the-art mechanisms to create Pakistan’s bestselling products, Orient’s range of refrigerators are known to not only be energy-efficient and eco-friendly but their international grade compressors enable them to withstand power outages and fluctuations in electricity.

Here’s what you gain by investing in an Orient fridge:

  • Power Outages Don’t Affect Performance

Orient’s air-tight refrigerators lock in the freshness and keep your food healthy for hours on end, despite frequent power cuts, while its freezer keeps your food preserved and frozen.

  • Say Goodbye to Bacteria Forever

With special UV-Light protection, Orient fridges keep your food constantly fresh even after hours of storage. An antibacterial gasket comes installed in our fridges so we can do our bit to protect your family from germs and resulting illnesses.

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  • Store What You Want, Where You Want

With Orient’s tough steel assembly, you can be sure that your fridge is capable of withstanding the heaviest of loads. Additionally, it’s flexible storage allows you to remove/add shelves to create more space for heavier utensils.

  • Find a Fridge that Fits Your Needs 

Since there’s no fixed definition of the size of a conventional Pakistani family, Orient offers various fridge sizes so you can pick the type that suits your family best. Ranging from a 10 cubic feet fridge to a mini fridge – we’ve got it all.


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