Load shedding is one of the most relevant issue which comes from the energy crisis. When the load of electricity is not balanced properly it results in load shedding. Which means that for some part of the day or week electricity is turned off to mange the loss and imbalance. Timings of load shedding are not properly described yet home appliances suffer the most from the effects which are carried along load shedding. Home appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, and LED TVs are functioning all along the day and perhaps continues fluctuation can cause some serious issues, resulting in the loss of those home appliances you spend thousands to purchase! So rather than regretting at the end we have some of the precautionary measure which will help you save your home appliances from load shedding;

1.     Try to Purchase the inverter technology

Now the latest technology which has introduces the inverter tech and the home appliances based on it is in market. These dc inverter air conditioner and low voltage consuming refrigerators are efficient and helps you save the electricity. They have low voltage startup and less electricity consumption which makes them efficient and compatible with fluctuating electricity scenarios.

2.     Turn off the appliances

While you don’t have an inverter technology in your home appliances and you have track of the load shedding schedule of your area, turn off the appliances at that time. This is the certainly best solution; all you need to do id turn off the home appliances and then when you know that electricity is stable turn them on!

3.     Use a stabilizer

The best way to make you home appliances stable is the use of stabilizer. This is another small way to create the difference but still it doesn’t 100% protects your refrigerator or air conditioner from getting the electricity damage. Rather it reduces the electricity consumption and create little difference.

4.     Make sure your corresponding electricity source is strong enough

Now there are some people who have another electricity support such as UPS Solar panels or generator. If you have arranged one for yourself then make sure you are using it properly and your UPS batteries or the size of panels and generator is enough to balance the load of the large home appliances such as Led Tv, Refrigerator, Air conditioners.

5.     Revisit your warranty

Well if you face any issue which is the result of load shedding there has to be a backup. You can go for an insurance for your home appliance and make sure that your refrigerator or air conditioner is insured. Still you can also avail the services for the repair from the warranty card!

These were some of the best remedies for saving your home appliances from the after effects of load shedding. The best one among these is the use of inverter technology. Make sure you have checked the new Orient inverter air conditioners.

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