Types of Washing Machines and their Functions

Washing Machines are one of the most essential appliances in any household. While they may be of different types, but their primary function is to wash clothes. This is a very simple concept but if you start to get into details like types, functions, and differences, you might get confused.

semi automatic vs automatic machine

This short guide is to help you navigate through the functions and differences of the two most common types of orient washing machines now available in the market.

The Cleaning Process

The basic difference in the cleaning process is basically the washing machine requiring human effort or not. As the name suggests, in the fully automatic washing machine, other than pressing the button, no other human input is required. All you have to do is to load the washing machine and press a button to start the process.

washing machine tub

In the case of semi-automatic washing machines, the functions might be the same but the required input is more. The semi-automatic or twin washing machines come with two different tubs. One is where you load the dirty clothes wait until the machine’s cycle is complete and the other tub is where you put in the wet clothes once they’ve finished washing. The second tub then helps spin the clothes dry. The transfer process is performed by a human; hence the machine is called semi-automatic.

Water Consumption

There are statistics which state that washing clothes are one activity that consumes the most amount of water. You can control the expenditure to an extent in Orient’s semi-automatic washing machine as the user loads the water by themselves in it. This way, you can fluctuate the amount of water-based on the number of clothes that you are washing.

water consumption

On the other hand, a fully-automatic Orient washing machine requires a set amount of water until the clothes are fully submerged. This makes the machine take up comparatively more water than a semi-automatic one.

If you live in a region where water is scared or are big on saving water, semi-automatic Orient washing machines are the best option for you.

Cost Price

The final difference that we think is very important and one that we all look at before purchasing a washing machine is the cost price or price of purchase. Orient Washing machine price in Pakistan is not exceptionally high but you need to decide what feature you require and where you are able to compromise.

spend money on washing machine

If you need to save on water, semi-automatic washing machines are the best options but if you want to save on the manual labor and the space in your house, Orient automatic machines should be your only choice.

Not only do they save space, but they also require no manual work from you. But, if the cost price is your only concern, you should go for semi-automatic washing machines.


Mentioned above are three main differences between semi-automatic and fully-automatic washing machines. Based on these three differences, it will be very easy for you to make your choice and get an Orient washing machine that suits your needs.




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