Lesser Known Facts about LED TV’s

LED TVs are the newest addition in the long-range of gradually changing and slimming television sets. A light-emitting diode or an LED is a type of solid-state lighting that uses a semiconductor to convert electricity into light. This makes the LED’s almost six times more efficient than conventional lights while also cutting energy consumption by almost 80%. While these are all great benefits of LED TVs, it is also important to not everything being peddled by companies, is true.

Through this write-up, we are going to highlight five of the most important facts that can help you differentiate between the truth and falsehood the next time you see an advertisement for a new LED TV.

1- LED’s are not the raging new technology we believe it to be

We all appreciate good marketing as much as anyone but any company that makes out LEDs to be the latest invention is doing just that, marketing! An LED is just the same as an LCD but only backlit with light-emitting diodes instead of the normal cathode ray lights. They have been present since as far back as 2007 but are just now gracing the mainstream shelves.

Very unlike plasma and OLED screens where each pixel is its own light source, LEDs are just transmission devices where each pixel is backlit by the diodes.

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2-Edge-lit LED’s are cool but the uniformity of the picture may suffer

One of the most important advantages of LED’s is that television sets can now be thinner. Manufacturers have been taking advantage of this for a long time but now, curved edges or edge-lit LEDs have recently become very popular. While these may appear great, you will notice that the picture quality is not as uniform as these. The whites appear ‘whiter’ or hot around the curved edges and the blacks appear almost gray. This is due to the backlighting not being as uniform around the edges.

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3- Variety of Backlighting does not improve the LED’s off-angle viewing

One of the major disadvantages of LED’s is that the picture quality degrades depending on the angle of viewing. Contrary to popular marketing ploys, backlit LED’s of any variety or quality does not change this. No matter which expensive LED TV you buy, the only time you will see amazing results is when you are sitting right at the sweet spot in front of the screen. Move a few feet to either side and the picture would degrade.

Why do you feel like this is an extra-apparent with LED TVs? That is because you are starting with an amazing quality. Any time it becomes even slightly less amazing, you are bound to notice the huge difference.

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4-Top LED TV’s can come close to offering the same quality as Plasma TV’s

Backlit LED’s are becoming increasingly better and are expected to produce the same effect as that of Plasma TV and most of Orient LED TV’s are not far off in the deliverance. Their predecessors, LCD TV’s have long since been knocked out for not offering the beautiful blacks that plasma TV’s produce, but the LED’s are ready to fill in space.

Orient LED TV’s are offering the same beautiful quality of blacks, as are many other LED TV’s, but the edge-lit models and the off-angle viewing problem remains the same. Plasma TVs are superb when viewed from any angle and the edge-lit models also offer great quality but changing the models or buying a more expensive LED TV will not solve these two issues for you! 

5- Settings make all the difference

No matter which expensive model of HDTV you have purchased, if it is not set up to the optimum settings, the viewing will always be sub-par. The difference between a cathode ray and the LED TV will not appear as apparent if you have an LED TV that is not set up properly! The price of Orient LED TV is optimum and affordable and the settings are at their best, already set up by the company.

These are just five of the most important facts we feel everyone should know about LED TV. Marketing gimmicks aside, LEDs are an amazing upgrade that is helping us enjoy our most favorite shows in great picture quality!


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