Savings with DC Inverter Refrigerators

A refrigerator is one appliance that works day in and day out, 365-days a year. Being a staple in every household, there is no strategy to save a lot of energy when it comes to refrigerators. With time though, as everything else has evolved, there is a new type of inverter refrigerator that is now available in the market.


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In this write-up, we will run you through what the inverter technology in refrigerators is, how it saves energy and also, how it compares to a traditional refrigerator. This will, in turn, make decisions easier for you when you buy a refrigerator online.

Inverter Technology in Refrigerators

The latest Orient refrigerators are fitted with the inverter compressors. A compressor is the heart of the fridge and all working of the refrigerator depends on it. It keeps the Orient refrigerator running throughout the day, helping keep all food fresh and healthy.

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The difference in a traditional compressor and an inverter compressor is that it has the ability to run at various speeds. The amazing thing about inverter compressors is that they have the ability to adapt to the usage behavior of the user and can operate at different speeds according to the required need.

Suppose that you are loading food into the fridge while the door is kept open. The inverter compressor will accommodate you by running at a greater speed to maintain the cooling. In case of the door being shut and no loss of cooling, the refrigerator will run at a constant low speed until more is required.

This variance in speed, as well as work of the refrigerator, saves a lot of energy, impacting your electricity consumption in a big way. The loud noise that a traditional refrigerator makes every time its compressor turns on is also not a part of the inverter refrigerator as the compressor is always running low in the background, requiring as little energy as possible. More than 30 to 40% of energy is saved in this way.

Traditional Refrigerator Vs. Inverter Refrigerator

The following are the advantages of a traditional refrigerator in comparison to an inverter refrigerator.

1-  Variable Speeds: Conventional refrigerators work at a single speed while inverters can perform their function at various speeds. This enables a minimum amount of energy to be used to perform the optimum function.

 2- Flexible Function: Inverter refrigerators are flexible in their function according to their requirements. This opens up a number of useful options when it comes to inverters.

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3- Savings: Energy saving is maximized with Orient inverter refrigerators and this helps saves a huge chunk of the electricity bill.

4- Noise-Free Function: Orient inverter refrigerators employ the low-noise function and do not make a loud noise every time the compressor starts again.

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Orient has come up with the Inverter Technology in refrigerators. If all of the above-mentioned points sound attractive to you, inverter refrigerators are the best choice! With almost 40% energy saving, low noise function, and considerably better performance, Orient refrigerators are the best choice in the market!


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