It is no secret that Cricket is Pakistan favorite sport, it brings together the whole nation and always gives Pakistanis a reason to rejoice. Naturally it is also the obsession of the Orient Appliance Dealers. Dealer Super League, fondly called DSL by the participants, was a Cricket tournament organized by Orient Group's Marketing Director Abdul Rehman Talat so that the hardworking electronics dealers in Lahore could unwind and have tons of fun. The teams comprised of the eight dealers who battled it out in fifteen matches for the title of the champion, the winning trophy and a prize money of Rs 50,000.

Finally Day Comes:

All the teams gathered at the Aligarh Cricket Club Ground in Model Town at 8: AM sharp with their brand new cricket kits provided by Orient Group. The teams then non-stop competed under the scorching sun in Pools A and B till the finalists emerged. The finalists Orient a.k.a Lions and Madina Electronics a.k.a Cougars played energetically on the field while the weather grew cooler and more pleasant, balancing the heated competitive air of the league perfectly.


Prize Distribution:

Finally Orient were declared the winners and a celebration amongst the players erupted. The group's team gleefully received the well-deserved trophy and the Rs 50,000 cash prize. The runner-ups too did't have to leave empty-handed; in addition to the Runner-ups trophy, they also received a cash prize worth Rs 25,000.

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Wasif, one of the participants, said while recalling the whole experience, I love Cricket and this was one of the best life experiences for me. Our team won but it felt like all the teams won because everyone was in such a jolly mood. I hope Orient Group keeps organizing more events like this. The league finally came to a conclusion with a lavish dinner for all the eight teams and lots of chit-chat and humorous conversations. All the dealers left exhilarated, with their stomachs full and countless fond memories to cherish!


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