With the launch of the company website, Orient.com.pk, the technology group has been setting new benchmarks for online retail by local companies. The company started selling its product directly to the consumer through a purpose built website where it announced the release of its new DC Inverter AC last week with a lifetime warranty. The company since then has gone to break its own record in DC Inverter Sales, outselling the ending quarter for 2016.

"I think that we are seeing a mass scale adoption now. Inverters have been in the market for a while now and people are slowly becoming less wary of the new technology" says a company spokesperson, "With the lifetime warranty we have put our money where our mouth is. We are saying that we have the absolute best and the most reliable product in the market".

The move has been welcomed by consumers and Orient Group has seen a quantifiable increase in DC Inverter sales, Orient is a local brand. We understand the local market and its consumers. We develop products after analyzing local issues and problems”, says the company spokesperson, The sales have come in because people trust the Orient DC Inverter. I am sure we are going to beat all previous sale numbers for online sales”, he adds.

Orient Group was one of the first companies to bring in the DC Inverter ACs in Pakistan, and while others are following suit, the company is determined to keep ahead of the curve, We brought DC Inverter ACs to Pakistan because we wanted to address the electricity problem, and with this new DC Inverter we have a product that will not only promises quality but delivers on it as well”, says the company spokesperson on the new DC Inverter range that now comes with platted fins with rust resistant compounding, The Orient Ultron is an investment for life.

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