Here is why Orient DC Inverter AC is better than your standard AC.

You have all heard a lot of energy-saving claims about Orient DC Inverter AC, but how can you know for sure that these claims are true? Let us break the mechanics of Orient DC Inverter AC and your standard AC down for you in a thorough comparison:

How they work:

The Blue Strip represents the DC Inverter AC and the Green one represents the normal AC.


The Compressor of any AC is like the motherboard of a computer, it is the most essential part of the AC and determines how well an AC cools and how much energy it can save.  The compressor of a standard AC does not have a variable speed but a cycle of turning off and restarting. Which means that the desired comfortable temperature, of say 21 degree Celsius, is never achieved. The temperature would keep fluctuating between too hot and too cold. As the compressor is not working at a steady pace but is turning on, working at full speed then fizzling out to turn off again, it gets overworked and consumes far more energy than necessary.


The Orient DC Inverter AC is able to save energy and electricity cost due to its Inverter Compressor. The Inverter compressor has the ability to shift its speed according to the temperature unlike a non-inverter AC; the compressor of which can either only work at full speed or turns off all together. The Orient DC Inverter AC compressor after quickly lowering the temperature, maintains it at that 21 degree Celsius temperature you wanted. It keeps working but in a far more stable manner, thus consuming less energy and cutting down the electricity cost by at least 40 percent!


We recommend the Orient DC Inverter AC as its compressor functions smartly and conveniently, and does not need energy to go in the activated mode over and over again, thus saving energy and money while keeping you comfortable cool.


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