Things to Learn about a Refrigerator

Fridge broke down? Want to know where you went wrong? A refrigerator is supposed to be a very reliable appliance. In recent times, there is no way one can imagine to live or survive without a refrigerator as an appliance. The horror of one day opening the refrigerator and finding all the frozen food rotten and turned into a syrup is unparalleled. In a hot climate like Pakistan, there is no saving the food after the refrigerator has turned off for even two hours.



For this very reason, we have compiled a shortlist of five things that you need to remember when it comes to refrigerators.

1- Look out for the Signs!

If you notice frost accumulating on the food items in your refrigerator, don’t just put it off as something normal. One of the first signs that people notice of their fridges breaking down, is ice and frost accumulating on the food or the surface of the walls.


back of refrigerator

Another sign that usually comes before the fridge completely breaks down, is that freezers stop working. If your freezer stops working, there is a 50 percent chance that your refrigerator will too. It is always wise to heed the signs early on and call an expert technician before the problem gets out of hand. If your refrigerator starts making unfamiliar noise, if you see water leaking from the appliance, ice accumulation, or the freezer stops working, make sure that you call the technician and get it fixed before the appliance dies.

2- Warranties are important; Especially Extended Warranties

Another major mistake we make when finalizing the appliance, we are getting is not to look at the service and compressor warranties. While most of the appliance companies will provide similar warranties, some brands also offer extended service warranties on their appliances. These warranties are important and will come in handy, especially when such a situation happens and your refrigerator breaks down suddenly.

warranty refrigerator

Orient Refrigerators are built sturdy enough to withstand the test of time and fluctuations that are very common with Pakistan’s electric supply. Your best refrigerator from Orient also comes equipped with a long service warranty as well as the option of extended warranty by the company.

3- Buy Appliances from a Trusted Local Company

You might be looking at a refrigerator with a ton of new features and functions currently being marketed by a swanky international supplier but beware! When it comes to services and repairs, the international companies will take a very long time to process your requests. Waiting for such a long time especially if your refrigerator breaks down during the summer would become a torturous process for you.

orient refrigerator

This is why it is always advised to purchase from a trusted local company that operates, works, and has parts available in your own country. They would take less time to get those parts to you as well as send a technician assigned to your problem. For the best price of the refrigerator in Pakistan as well as amazing products, there is no other company than Orient Electronics.

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