Most Common Water Dispenser Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Almost everyone is familiar with water dispensers and know that they are commonly very trustworthy. They rarely act up. Maintaining a water dispenser might be the easiest task in the world, but there are still some common mistakes that everyone is bound to make. These can cost you both time and money.

In this article, we will discuss what those common mistakes are how we can fix them. These will help you to elongate your water dispenser’s life.

1- Overlooking the Unit’s Hygiene Demands

Water dispensers do not require regular cleaning and maintenance but cleaning them from time to time is still highly advised. A dirty unit can become breeding grounds for bacteria and other microorganisms that thrive in the moist surroundings. These can later turn into mold and can pollute the water, making it smell rotten and bad.

water Dispensers glass tab

Your drinking water becoming polluted with any of this unclean water can cause multiple water-borne diseases and illnesses. It is always important to dispose of the water you find in the reservoir. Clean the water dispenser with chemicals that are not toxic to the human body.

2- Buying a Unit with No Hot Water Safety Guard

This is one of the worst mistakes that you can make when you buy a water dispenser online in Pakistan. Hot water guards help against accidental water spills from the hot water nozzle which can result in serious burns for the user. This phenomenon is not as uncommon as you might think, especially in homes with young children. They can burn their hands or arms while playing with the nozzles. In some cases, the water can also splash in their eyes causing heavy injuries. This is why the price of water dispenser in Pakistan should be a lowly worry when you go to the market.

Orient Water Dispensers

The best water dispenser in Pakistan is the Orient water dispenser in this regard. It comes complete with hot water guards on all units.

3-Incorrect Plug Settings

When plugging your water dispenser, ensure that you don’t plug it to a long electrical cord, an adapter, or an extension. These settings make the dispenser susceptible to electric shocks, shorts, or even fires in extreme cases.

incorrect plug settings

Also, altering the cord in any way can be a huge mistake as well. It can cause the unit to dysfunction or not function in the most optimal way. Another thing that we do not advise is to plug your dispenser into a socket where several other devices or appliances are plugged in. The water dispenser should always be installed in places where water splashes are not possible. Installing the unit outside where there are possibilities of rain and other factors affecting its performance can cause short-circuiting. Always remove the plug before you start cleaning the unit as well. 

4- Mounting Damaged or Cracked Water Bottles

    Before you mount a new bottle on the water dispenser, ensure that it not cracked or broken. A broken bottle can make water collect in the reservoir of the water dispenser. The cracks in the bottle can allow air to enter endlessly. This, in turn, will cause an airtight seal at the mouth of the bottle. Now, instead of dispensing water in the orderly way it was supposed to, the water dispenser will act out and the water will spill to the floor.

    water bottle

    Cracked bottles are so much more common than you might think as improper handling of the bottle during transportation or during the lifting can crack the bottles. This can turn into a serious problem if the spilled water reaches the plug and causes a short circuit.

    5- Spinal Injuries and Back Pains

      Confused where these came from? You will be surprised by just how many spinal injuries have resulted due to improper posture and lifting of the water bottles that are mounted on the dispensers.

      Most of us bend our backs when lifting the water bottle to the dispenser. This standing posture impacts the back and the bones of the spine in a dire way, especially when the weight is lifted is in gallons.

      back pain

      It is important that you save your back from all the possibilities of injury by squatting and keeping the proper leg and back position when you go lift a water bottle to the dispenser.

      If you keep all these tips in mind and take care of the best water dispensers you purchase, we ensure that you will be safe from any mishaps and your unit will last longer than ever.

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