Top Myths about Inverter Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners are one of the most used appliances in every household, especially in the hot summer months. In the modern world, we cannot imagine life without air conditioners now. While that is true, even after widespread use, most of us hold some popular and common misconceptions about air conditioners.

These myths or misconceptions are based both on the functioning and the maintenance of an air conditioner. To help smooth out your experience with air conditioners, we have compiled a shortlist of myths and plan to debunk them with facts that will help you in understanding how your inverter air conditioners can be made more efficient.

1- Inverters and Energy Saving is not Synonymous

While the energy-saving properties are marketed far and wide by the air conditioner companies, most of us do not believe in the hype and the claims. Regardless of what anyone propagates, we still believe that inverters are not much different than traditional air conditioners.

energy saving

This is not right and to understand this fully, we need to understand how inverters and their compressors work. To put it in short order, inverters are air conditioners that control the motor compressor speed with regards to the requirement of the air conditioner to achieve optimum cooling. The air conditioners were designed to save energy and as advertised, all of Orient Air Conditioners work dedicatedly on the premise of energy saving.

2- You Need to Turn the AC on & off in Short Intervals

With traditional air conditioners, we needed to switch off the AC whenever the cooling reached the temperature we wanted and then turn it back on when the room started to get hot. A lot of people believe that the same is true for inverters as well.

turn off ac

This is not at all true as inverters regulate the temperature for you without the constant need to turn it on and off on intervals. The compressor works on full power until you reach the desired temperature. Once that is achieved, it works only to maintain the temperature, eliminating the need for constantly powering the air conditioner on and off.

3- Inverter Air Conditioners are Very Expensive

There is some gap in the prices between the inverter and non-inverter air conditioners but it is not as deep as some of us believe. Inverter air conditioners are not expensive especially if you count in the money, they will be helping you save in the monthly electricity bill.


All of the Orient Air Conditioners by Orient Electronics hold this true as the prices are very affordable while the energy-saving capabilities go up to 85% in some models. If you carry out extensive research, you will realize just how much the inverters help you in saving monthly.

4- Bigger Air Conditioners Provide More Cooling

Most people believe that ‘the bigger, the better’ holds true for air conditioners as well. But it is important to keep in mind that the size of the air conditioners is directly proportional to the size of the room. The bigger the room, the bigger the unit you will need to cool it. If you buy an air conditioner that is too big for the size of your room, you will just have to pay a lot more money when you purchase it but other factors like dehumidification, air leakage, and many others may also cause your air conditioner to not work properly.

5- The Outside Unit Should Not be Installed Higher than the Inside Unit

This is another myth that is frequently circulated about split air conditioners. It does not hold true for Orient Inverter AC’s as well as almost all, especially if the installation is done right. Orient Electronics offer free installation when you buy air conditioners online. When the Orient air conditioner is installed by expert technicians who prevent the leakage of compressor oil into the indoor unit, the air conditioner works just fine.

ac outdoor unit

These are some of the common myths that we have resolved for you. If there are any others, feel free to let us know!

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