Chrome Casting in Smart TV’s: Connectivity at its Finest

Google Chromecast is one of the latest services and systems that you can now use to send things from one device to another, used mainly between a smart phone and your smart LED TV!
The whole process is very easy to figure out, set up, and use. With chrome cast now, you can send a YouTube video on your phone to the best LED TV in Pakistan or you can send a website on your computer to your TV. And that's just two of the many possibilities that this feature enables. The availability of chrome casting might impact the Android TV price in Pakistan, but we suggest you stay tuned to know why we think it is worth it!
To help you learn what Chromecast is, how it works, and what you can do with it, we've explained everything you need to know about this feature in the best LED TV in Pakistan, Orient Smart LED TV’s.

What is Chromecast?



Chromecast is a feature that is now available in smart LED’s now!
This helps to add smart functions to your traditional LED TV’s too, like Netflix streaming, but to add this feature to your traditional LED TV, you’ll have to purchase an external device!  The Chromecast connects to your WiFi connection at home and can then let you control and play content with your smartphone. This feature will let you open an entertainment app on your phone and - via Chromecast - play anything you want on your smart TV.
More importantly, Chrome Cast uses the Google Cast protocol to get that content on your TV, so there needs to be support from the source that you're using. For this very reason, we suggest that you get a Google licensed Android TV like Orient Action and Animation series. Many entertainment sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Chrome (the browser), Android and others completely support Chrome Casting as well.

A Brief History

Google launched the first Chromecast external device in 2013, updated it in 2015 with the Chromecast 2 device, and then again 2018 with the Chromecast third-gen. These were all external devices that had to purchased and then connected to the LED TV to enjoy chrome casting.
As with everything else, technology progressed and while all these devices supported full HD content, these models of Chromecast have got progressively faster, with stronger Wi-Fi to better hold a connection. In addition to that, the feature now comes in-built in most smart LED TV’s and is included in the android TV price in Pakistan!

How does Chromecast work?

 The important thing to know about casting is that the feature isn't just about sending the content from your phone to your smart LED TV. It is far more than just that. In the majority of cases, all you will be doing is using your smart phone to tell your smart TV what content to play after connecting it to the Orient smart LED TV’s. Chromecast will then use its own connection to retrieve that stream in the best quality that it can.
What that basically means is that you can now connect your phone to a 4K or UHD TV and play 4K content that your normally cannot view on your phone.
However, if you're mirroring your smart phone on the smart TV, or viewing a website, then you're sending that directly from your phone or computer directly to the LED TV and both need to stay connected within the same WiFi connection. This is also the case if you're casting your Android device screen, a tab from Chrome or your Chromebook desktop!
If you’re looking for a quick guide about how chrome cast works in Orient Android LED TV’s, we suggest watching this quick tutorial:

Everything You Can Do with Chrome Cast

Here are some of the things that chrome casting has made possible for you:

  • Cast Spotify or any other music app to your smart LED TV
  • Let guests decide what they want to watch
  • Cast Google Slides to your LED TV
  • Switch up your LED TV background
  • Cast Google Photos to the TV and
  • Use your LED TV as your smart phone screen

With Orient Smart LED TV’s, there are a number of connectivity options that you can make use of, chrome cast being one of the much-needed ones. To buy the best smart LED TV online.

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