Error Codes in Orient Air Conditioners

Even if you have the best inverter AC in Pakistan, error codes are part and parcel of the convenience they provide. Most of us have seen these errors on our master controllers once or twice and have legitimately worried sick about whether the air conditioner is completely done with or if there are ways you can yet save it. All worries aside, most of the error codes that you see on your air conditioner are very easy to fix. Most of them might just require a quick troubleshooting guide while others may need you to take them a little more seriously.

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For this very purpose, we have put together this article through which we are going to tell you what all the error codes mean as well as reasons why your air conditioner might be acting up.

General Reasons for Errors

There are several reasons why your air conditioner might be showing up errors, but most of the general reasons are:

  1. Your unit is out of gas.

  2. Due to wear and tear (for old units)

  3. Technical faults

  4. Sudden weather events

  5. Issues with switches and plugs

  6. Tripped circuit breaker

  7. Reduced local power supply

  8. Defrosting

  9. Delayed compressor starting or

  10. Delayed fan starting upon turning on

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    If one of these are the reasons why your air conditioner might not be working properly, one way is to reset your air conditioner. Resetting does not mean turning on/off. It means to erase the existing memory on the air conditioner board to initiate a fresh restart. To figure out where your reset button is on the outdoor unit, you can try calling the customer service. This might save you a service trip, but we do recommend that you isolate the problem first before trying anything out.

    Some Common Error Codes

    There is a wide range of errors that you might see on your air conditioner, but we are only going to review some of the more common ones. Knowing what is wrong may help you in getting to the core of the problem and seeking help early. This would also be advantageous information for when you go buy an air conditioner online or from a dealer.

    ‘E’ Error Codes

    • E0: Indoor Unit overcurrent protection

    • E1: Indoor Unit Room Sensor Error

    • E2: Outdoor Unit Condenser Sensor Error

    • E3: Indoor Unit Evaporator Sensor Error

    • E4: AC or DC Motor Error

    • E5: Indoor & Outdoor Unit Communication Error

    • E8: Communication Fault between Display Board & PCB Board

    • Eb: Indoor Unit PCB Error

    ‘F’ Error Codes

    • F0: Outdoor Unit Fan Motor Error

    • F1: Outdoor Unit Module Protection Error

    • F2: Outdoor Unit PFC Protection Error

    • F3: Compressor Start Failure or out-of-step Error

    • F4: Outdoor Unit Discharge Sensor Error

    • F6: Outdoor Unit Room Sensor Error

    • F8: Outdoor Unit Communication Error between PCB & Module Board

    • F9: Outdoor Unit PCB Error

    These are some of the most common errors that you might see on your air conditioners. It is important to know what each of these means so the next time you call your technician to fix one of them, you would know what he needs to work on and if he’s doing it right or not.


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