Orient Auto Super Washing Machines: Everything to Know

In today’s world, options are everything. There are numerous options for every appliance or electronic device when you go to the market. Choosing the right one or the best one is such a feat, due to this. When it comes to automatic washing machines, the same principle applies. Washing machines are an inevitable part of our homes.

If you are confused about all the features and the differences you see in the washing machines especially when you search for the best washing machine online, we have got you covered. There are some factors and features that you need to consider before buying an automatic washing machine.

Differentiating Factors for Washing Machines

1- Type of Loading

Types of mashing machine load

    There are two different loading options available in washing machines. You have to choose between front load and top load. In functionality, there are not a lot of differences but both have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

    2- Functions of Washing Machines

    The functionality of washing machines does differ, though. Your washing machine can be a semi-automatic or a fully automatic washing machine. Which one you want to get depends on your budget and your needs completely.

    3- The capacity of Washing Machines

    The capacity you choose for your washing machine depends on the kind of frequency of washing as well as the size of your family and the number of clothes that you would wash on a daily basis.

    Types of Washing Machines

    Types of washing Machine

    Typically, washing machines are divided into two categories. These categories are made on the basis of the functionality of the washing machines.

    1- Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

      These washing machines are considered novices. For any entry-level person, these washing machines may work well, especially if your washing load is not a lot. Along with the machines, some human labor is also required in the working of these washing machines. They have two separate tubs. One for washing and the other for spinning.

      You would have to rinse the clothes by hand once they have been washed and then add them to the spinner to dry.

      2- Automatic Washing Machines

        As the name suggests, fully automatic washing machines work with zero input from the human side. You only have to out the clothes inside and turn the washing machine on. It would then wash, rinse, spin and dry the clothes all on its own.

        Best Automatic Washing Machine in Pakistan

        automatic washing machine

        Now that you know most of everything that you need to consider washing machines, it is time that we introduce you to the best washing machine in Pakistan. Orient’s Auto Super washing machine is one of its kind. With a magic filter, adjustable leg, and air drying, the washing machine is innovative, convenient, and very user friendly.

        You can wash any type and number of clothes in Orient’s Super Grey as it is available in four different sizes.

        • 5 KG

        • 7 KG

        • 8 KG

        • 10 KG

        Not just smart, Orient’s automatic washing machine is also very energy efficient and has compatibility with very low power supply. To get the best washing machine online.



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