Smart LED TV’s, your one-stop entertainment centers

While things are changing rapidly in the field of technology, smart LED TV’s have now been around for years! Along with technology, our needs and wants have evolved too. We don’t just need a media box, we need an LED TV we can interact with, watch the content we want and have the choice to switch it to a casting device easily.

 If given an option, everyone would choose a smart TV over a traditional digital television. So, what exactly is the difference between a Smart TV & a traditional LED TV?  

What is a Digital Television?

A digital television is basically just a TV set capable of receiving digital signals from various broadcasters, including cables, over-the-air TV or satellites. With none of the LED TV features and design, it is essentially a television the 90’s generation would remember.

Smart LED Televisions

The first point to focus on is that these televisions are LED TV’s. What are LED TVs, you ask?

LED itself stands for ‘Light Emitting Diodes’ and LED TV’s are devices that use a backlit LED display instead of the cold cathode fluorescent lighting (CCFL’s). There are a number of LED TV’s available in the market, but not all of them are smart!

Smart television or LED TV’s are the next-generation of televisions that come with the ability to connect to the internet. The advantage to this is that your content choices are now unlimited!

Smart Televisions and Everything They Can Do

With built-in applications that allow it to access content on the internet, your world has endless opportunities. You can stream content through various applications (Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime etc.) without any additional equipment. The LED TV has a built-In web browser that allows you to watch movies & videos directly on the webpage as well as access to the app stores from where you can download any additional apps as well as games that are compatible with your LED TV!

Nowadays smart televisions like Orient’s fantasy series come equipped with IoT (Internet of Things) too! This turns a smart LED TV into an interactive media device that can interact with you and can be controlled through voice and an ecosystem of other connected devices.

Points of Note

  • Television is a device that at lets you watch an image or video with sound. All the televisions serve the same purpose; however, it is the working and components that set them apart. A 4K LED TV and an ordinary TV would vary in their screens, picture quality, and display.
  • A smart LED TV looks just like a normal digital television, so what sets it apart from the rest? Imagine all the things you do on regular basis using your smartphone including surfing and streaming. Now you can do all those things and much more on a bigger screen with a smart TV.
  • One of the basic differences between a smart and a traditional TV is that a smart TV can access the internet via Wi-Fi, while the digital TV cannot. A smart TV also has the functionality to run different applications that come built-in with the television or are downloaded later.

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