Both LED TVs and plasmas have a lot to offer in terms of functionality, usability & entertainment options. In the modern times, LED TVs have surpassed plasmas owing to the slighter edge when taking into consideration overall efficiency.

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So, today we are going to understand the impact of LED TVs that led to this massive transition. In 2018, is it really important to consider the panel type before making a purchase decision or there’s more to it?

In order to do that we’ll take you through the pros & cons of both these technologies to help you decide what’s better for you!


LED TVs are slightly slimmer than plasmas owing to the fact that LED screens utilize light-emitting diodes as backlights for the screen whereas plasma screens illuminate themselves using gas cells that emit ultraviolet light.

Energy Efficiency

Without a doubt, LED TVs outwit Plasmas in this format of the game by offering substantial energy savings of up to 70%. On average, a Plasma would take 138 watts of energy whereas its LED counterpart would only consume 91.5 watts or even less.


Being a relatively newer technology, LED TVs are a bit expensive as compared to Plasmas. Now, in 2018, you’d probably find a plasma in half the price of an LED TV.


LED TVs are the brightest available entertainment appliances as they are capable of producing 100 footlamberts. This number is enough to brighten a room & even cause eye fatigue. Plasmas are less bright and they also dim over time.

Picture Quality

When it comes to picture quality, the Plasma technology definitely has the edge as it offers deeper blacks which are incomparable to what LED TVs offer. So, taking deeper blacks as a baseline, Plasmas are believed to provide better picture quality.


LED TVs are considered to be more reliable as they offer a lifespan of 100,000 hours whereas older plasma TVs can run efficiently up to 20,000 hours & the relatively newer models of plasma TVs tend to operate efficiently for up to 60,000 hours.


LED TVs being thinner come with smaller built-in speakers whereas Plasmas being bulkier have the aptitude to incorporate bigger sound output equipment. The smaller speakers of LED TVs cannot be considered a downside as now there are several options to connect additional audio equipment.

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Well, to sum it up, Plasmas were a great option back then but now the LED TVs have gained more popularity owing to their massive feature lineup, energy efficiency, longer life & more practicality.

The plasmas own a distinguished place in history but now as a result of advancements in television technology, they have passed onto the gadget heaven.

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