Orient Group is pleased to unveil the latest renaming scheme of their new home appliances.  Setting clear business benefits, feature identification and building better customer experiences is the reason why the electronics company took this initiative.

Considering the fact a name change is complicated as it can directly affect the established brand equity and all existing brand communications, the group after tough scrutiny, assessments & audit of all communication assets, has finally applied the change keeping in mind “Aristotle’s Seven Causes of Human Action and the positive impact it has brought has completely transformed the way customer’s see the brand’s products.

Applied in 2017, the new renaming structure solves communication errors and addresses “Empty Vessel Names” factor. Orient Group's philosophy of eliminating meaningless names is centered on building understanding, memorability & pre-conceived product guessing strategy.

The group's  transition is value-oriented that conveys the story, clears benefits and fills the communication lapse between customers, investors, employees and stakeholders. Renaming products and brand names isn’t new, it’s been there for quite a long time to ensure maximum end user connection. At the end of the day, all that matters is how a business and its products are perceived in the mind of the customer.  The ultimate goal of applying such a change is to eventually engrave a positive image in the minds of people. Notable renamings include the transition of Anderson Consulting to Accenture, Apple Computer to Apple, Brad’s Drink to Pepsi Cola, Comcast to Xfinity, Backrub to Google, Marufuku Company to Nintendo, Service Games to SEGA & United Telephone Company to Sprint etc.

Orient Group's Director Sales & Marketing, Mian Abdul Rehman Talat commented:-

“Companies change the names of their products for many reasons, but in every case, a clear underlying principle for change with strong business and brand benefits is important. We at Orient Group want to make sure that our customers not only enjoy innovative machines but also relish a great experience while getting one. If a business wishes to make a meaningful statement, renaming isn’t enough. It is all about experience and renaming is one part. Keeping customer experience in mind, the group is replacing old names with newer one’s denoting their specific category, design & functionality. During our analysis we found that customers don't necessarily read specs to learn about features, they'll always notice a new name. So considering human psychology and how it affects consumer behavior, renaming Orient’s product lineup was the need of the hour.”

An Ingenious Progression to Rename Electronics

The following example will describe how Orient’s new names differ from old ones.

Exhibit A 

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Former Name: - OM-23P70H

  • This name is difficult to relate or recall.
  • Customers can easily be deceived by the seller.

 Exhibit B

cheap online price microwave oven in Pakistan

New Name: - Olive 20M Solo White

  • The name comprises a specific series name. (Olive)
  • Quantifier (20 liters)
  • Design (M=Mechanical)
  • Special Feature (Solo=Non-Grill)
  • Color (White)


Orient Group believes that a good name is a compact easy-to-communicate piece of information that can grab attention and makes one curious to know more. Preferably a good name should communicate your key objective, which is intensely established on your brand’s promise, positioning, values & personalized to fit with your core customer mindset.


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