Ever friendly and ever considerate towards its customers, Orient family never lags behind in doubling up the joy of its customers on such occasions. This one of a kind offer brings you numerous prizes at every corner of Pakistan. With Orient Centers located all around the country, the company has launched a Wedding Offer for all the customers who shop at Orient Centers. And the numerous lucky draws being held at Orient Centers have increased the chance of winning prizes by a manifold.

The method is simple, users just need to go and shop for their marriage at the named Orient Centers, fill up their warranty card and drop it in the lucky draw ballot to get their name entered into lucky draws. Begetting never-seen-before prizes like wedding function dinner for the guests, return tickets of Dubai for the couple and not to forget dozens of Orient appliances; this offer is a must get!

It is worth mentioning here that Orient group of Companies (OGC) has set up Orient Centers all over the country to facilitate customers in reaching genuine products, Orient Centers being Franchised Brand Shops, provide our customers with the trust they need in the product quality. Its a double shot for users; since the offer is available at dozens of Orient Centers. And in case you dont know where to go to get a chance at the prizes, do visit the Find Us section of our website, our store locator will help you choose the best option to go and shop from.

As we all know, the marriage season lasts for months, the company has decided to take the Wedding Offer to the whole length of the season, good news for customers who are still planning their shopping; this offer is valid for the whole month of November!

We have added the prize details for our customers so that you know how lucrative this offer is:

Wedding function dinner
Return ticket to Dubai for a lucky couple
Orient LED 22"- 1 Prize for every Orient Center
Orient Microwave Oven - 1 Prize for every Orient Center
Dinner for a lucky couple - 2 Prizes for every Orient Center
Knowing how to create a customer base in the market are the trademarks of a company with brighter prospects, OGC is all that and a lot more. Generous towards its customers and always looking forward to be a part of its customers glee, Orient has made a place in the market that is irresistible. The wedding offer is a testimony to that.

Hurry up and get your name entered into the lucky draws, this might just be your lucky day!

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