Key Innovation in Modern TV Technology: Everything You Should Know

The thing about technology and innovation; it is unstoppable. In this age of digitization and internet, the advancement to a smart LED TV from the idiot box Pakistanis have been using for decades, was only natural! When LED TV’s were first introduced, they were considered a slimmer version of the traditional, boxy digital televisions. While that was still a step forward, the availability of content on online channels like Netflix and YouTube fast made LED TV’s seem useless.

To stop televisions from going obsolete as smart phones kept evolving continuously, smart TV’s were introduced. The internet became easily affordable and the audience’s preference for good quality and varied content increased the popularity of streaming sites. Now, Smart TV’s climb the ladders of evolution and fame every day both in Pakistan and around the globe. As an industry leader in all consumer electronics, Orient has emerged as the breeding grounds for technology innovation in LED TV’s!

Salient Features that Set Orient Smart LED TV’s Apart

In the years to come, UHD and 4K content will be dominating the world just as 1080P and HD once used to. With the launch of the latest Animation Series, Orient is providing a significant upgrade in the quintessential TV viewing experience and defining the future of entertainment. Three of the most unique features of the Animation Series are:

 1) Latest Licensed Android OS

smart Led Tv

The Android ecosystem is rapidly moving forward, with the makers releasing a new update every few months. To keep yourself in-line with the updates, one needs a licensed Android TV that has updates available as soon as they are released. With the latest Orient Smart LED TV’s, this is not a problem. The operating system is easily upgradeable and the Google Play Store comes in-built within the system!

 2) Unlimited Content Choices

The offerings of broadcast linear TV limited the viewers massively. If a smart TV does not even offer more than one or two content viewing options, what really is the use? This is what was kept in mind when YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and even YouTube Kids were added as in-built apps in the best LED TV in Pakistan, Orient Animation Series!

 3) IoT Integration

With Orient Smart LED TV’s, you can now connect to a wide array of smart devices in your home and control them easily through either voice or even your smartphone. This is your chance to turn your home into a smart hub of connected devices that all work harmoniously together.

Time for an Upgrade?

If you have been pondering on whether this is the right time to get a new smart LED TV, wait no more! Orient is offering FREE gamepads with Animation LED TV’s, making sure you enjoy the full and seamless gaming experience endlessly. Check it out now!


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