Orient’s Launches New Range of Smart IOT LED’s, with Attractive Offers for Online Customers

Orient recently updated its LED TV lineup and introduced a new range of Smart LED TV’s that are the latest addition and are built around the ease of playing games and providing a seamless television and streaming experience. Orient is the fastest-growing consumer electronics brand in Pakistan and is trusted by several to provide the best experience when it comes to home electronics.

The latest ‘Action’ LED is launched not just in stores but is also exclusively available online at a discounted price for the early birds. The Action LED is available in 32-inch and 39-inch sizes both and is the perfect mixture of Orient’s tradition of innovation as well as entertainment. The fast processor, great picture quality, and innovative design ensure that the quality of the content is amazing as the LED TV delivers an unparalleled viewing experience.

Android TV

Price and Availability

Action LED TV is available on Orient’s online store in two sizes (32-inch & 39-inch). The LED TV comes with 2 years of Panel warranty and 1 year of service warranty at the prices of Rs. 32,500 and Rs. 40,899 now!

The Action LED TV: A Gamer’s Dream Come True 2020

The latest 4K Smart LED TV comes with a number of amazing features that are unique and provide exceptional detail to the picture.

Your World in High Definition

Check out the details and watch them come to life with beautiful colors and exceptional contrasts. The picture is crisp and clear and the colors realistic with the Wide Color Gamut in the LED TV.

An Addition to your Smart Home

IoT has taken the world by a storm and has enabled complete control through home automation. With the world moving forward at the speed of light, Orient recognized that they needed to bring something new to the table and were successful in the endeavor. The Action LED TV is IOT enabled and helps the user gain complete control over their hub of entertainment.

Google Licensed Android TV


The LED TV is officially licensed by Google and contains a wide array of applications that are much-needed in the world of content today. You can stream all your favorite videos on YouTube and watch videos in HD seamlessly with the bezel-less design of the android LED TV.

Built-In Chromecast

The smart LED TV comes with multiple connectivity options including the built-in Chromecast, screen mirroring, HDMI cables as well as USB ports.

Game Enhancer

Through Action LED TV, Orient is offering gamers an extra edge with the Quad-Core processor that offers high-speed but lag-free gaming experience. This fast processor and the extended memory help users play games on the big screen flawlessly.

While there are a number of more and interesting features that the latest Smart LED TV boasts of, this was just a short round-up that you might need when you buy Smart LED TV online.  

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