How to Use Orient Pasta 23D Microwave Oven?

Whether you’re a homemaker or not, microwave ovens are one appliance that anyone and everyone uses. Ever since they were introduced, heating and reheating food have become very easy and it has also led to an increase in people buying frozen food or microwave meals that they can make in microwave ovens in a few minutes. While we are all familiar with what microwave ovens do, you might not know how to use a microwave oven safely and securely.

Before getting into the usage of the microwave oven, it is important that you set the microwave oven right. Once it is set up and easy to use, you can cook certain foods in the microwave oven as well.

Setting Up the Microwave Oven

The first order of business after you unpack your new microwave oven is to set the appliance on a flat, dry surface. When placing the microwave oven in an appropriate place, you need to make sure that it is kept away from any radiation, your stove, or near any electric or gas range. Some tips to set up your microwave oven are:

  1. Place it on a dry and flat surface.

  2. Make sure that the vents on the side are not blocked.

  3. Ensure that the glass tray inside the microwave oven is secure before you start.

  4. When plugging in, make sure that the outlet is at least 20A.

  5. Study the features to get a grip over how the microwave oven works.

Warming/ Reheating Food

 The steps to heating up the food in the Orient Pasta 23D Microwave Oven are very simple.

  1. Check that the glass plate is well-adjusted.

  2. Place the food in the microwave oven and shut the door securely.

  3. Turn on the plug and set the temperature from the dial on the top right side of the microwave oven.

  4. After the dial is on the selected temperature, turn the lower dial to set the time.

  5. Once both are selected, press the start button.

Precautions to Keep in Mind When Heating Food in the Microwave Oven

Heating food in the microwave oven is a very easy task, but there are a few precautions that you need to keep in mind when heating your food.

1) Never reheat food that is more than four days old.

After four days, the food in the fridge accumulates bacteria that are very harmful to the overall health of the systems so leftovers more than four days old have likely gone very bad or have too many bacteria to be considered safe.

2) Do not pile food in a bowl or plate

If you pile food up in the center of a bowl or plate, it is very likely to start burning from the edges. It is thus advised that you arrange the food in a ring in the bowl and plate to ensure uniform heating.

3) Cover the food with a plastic cover

Covering the food helps prevent the splattering or sticking of the food all over the microwave walls when heated. For this purpose, it is important that you use a thick plastic cover before you start heating.

4) Warm food a little at a time

    Even after years of use, you can still not be certain just how much time a certain food requires to heat up. The calculation might be tricky so it is always advised that you heat it up a little at a time. Take the food out of the microwave oven and stir it to see if it is done.

    These are just some basic tips, steps, and precautions that you need to follow when you get Orient’s best microwave oven.



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