BlueEast- A technology Development Company of Orient Group just released a new firmware update for Mevris, which should be available for all running devices from today onwards.

Mevris Orient ecomfort

Mevris- the company’s universal IoT platform aims to further enhance the customer experience for the automation of appliances owing to its newly released firmware update. Shifting from Mevris Firmware SDK 1.0, the application now operates on its updated version namely 2.0 covering both the appliance and cloud end. Mevris SDK 2.0 is now available for all integrated Orient eComfort air conditioners allowing users to enjoy an improved experience.

Commenting on the firmware update, Director Marketing &Sales, Mian Abdul Rehman Talat said:-

“The new firmware update is centered on empowering the user to have access to more credible information for better operations and an evenly enhanced experience. Mevris SDK 2.0 being a step towards the achievement of complete home automation aims to broaden horizons for better enablement of AI (Artificial Intelligence) & ML (Machine Learning) thus contributing to our overall success in terms of providing amplified customer experience.”

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Who Can Avail the Firmware Update?

Current Orient eComfort A/C users can update their device’s firmware by simply connecting it to the internet. The latest version of SDK will get installed automatically once the device gets online. In rare case scenarios, the update may take a few days to get installed due to concurrent upgradations.

What Improvements Have Been Made in the New Update?

 Response Time Accelerated


Mevris SDK 2.0 empowers users to view real-time information faster thus providing them access to more accurate data to ensure energy saving and optimized usage. The new firmware eliminates the lagging issue and is now much faster than its former version, enabling the users to view updated data within seconds.  

Efficient Timeline

mevris orient ecomfort

Mevris SDK 2.0 will not only enhance the overall user experience but will also empower efficiency and performance conscious users to relish convenience and savings due to the availability of more refined and prompt information.

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Detailed Event Generation


Other improvements include an upgraded timeline feature that generates more detailed events when the appliance is controlled via remote control & or when an error is identified. Also, error codes are now easily removed when a problem is fixed.

mevris ecomfort orient utlronOrient ecomfort ultron mevris

Recommendations for Best Results

For optimum results, users are advised to sign in via on Google Chrome browser to enjoy a suave experience.

What’s the Future?

The new firmware update is undoubtedly a step forward to achieve complete home automation. Mevris SDK 2.0 will surely enable better deployment of AI (Artificial Intelligence) & ML (Machine Learning) thus guaranteeing better customer experience via quick launch of complaints and access to a customer representative in case of any problem.


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