BlueEast- The technology development company of Orient Group proudly launched the next generation Facebook Chatbot V2.  The new release of the Messenger Platform includes many improvements like rapid replies, interactive interface, pre-set commands, blazing fast operations & much more.

The Facebook Chatbot V.2 empowers its users to simply choose from an assortment of pre-set options rather than having them type every single command separately. Reducing typing time, the application offers an increased response time enabling accelerated performance with least human intervention.

What do First Time Mevris Users Need to Do?

  • Search Mevris on Facebook Messenger.
  • Click “Get Started” on the welcome screen.
  • Link you Mevris account before proceeding any further.
  • Clicking login to get redirected to the credentials form.
  • Enter your email & password.

Now you’re all set to control your AC through Mevris !


Here’s a Quick Rundown of Mevris Chatbot V2

The Chabot’s new interface consists of three main menus with sub-menu segregation for the accomplishment of commands.

  • Commands
  • More Features
  • My Account


Prior to executing any command the bot will necessitate the user’s consent regarding what specific appliance they’d like to operate.



This option allows the user to either turn ON or OFF the air conditioner.


Set Temperature

Through this option, the user can set the air conditioner’s temperature based on his comfort. The Chatbot will inquire about the temperature setting the user would like to go with giving them several options ranging from 32 °C all the way up to 16 °C.


Set Fan Speed

When tapping the “Set Fan Speed” option, the user will be able to choose from four settings namely Auto, High, Mid & Low. After picking the required the speed, the user will be informed over messenger to attest their command.


Set Mode

The mode option will allow the user to select from five different settings namely Auto, Cool, Heat, Dry & Fan.


Set Swing

To change the air flow orientation of their air conditioner, the user may select from the following options.

  • Vertical ON
  • Vertical OFF
  • Horizontal ON
  • Horizontal OFF


More Features



Tapping this option will enable the user view a complete status of their appliance. Information provided after sending this command includes the following.

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Power
  • State
  • Mode
  • Fan Speed
  • Set Point
  • Vertical Swing



My Account


Through “My Account” option, users may sign out, view connected devices, share authorization of app control or get help regarding Mevris.

Plans for the Future

The people at BlueEast always strive to enhance the experience of Mevris enabling customers to enjoy the best of innovation & technology.

Empowering seamless yet personalized digital experience, Mevris Chatbot in future is likely to take the form of a personal assistant that permits users to interact regularly.

BlueEast also envisages a future where Chatbots are able to understand not only human gestures but also non-verbal cues & emotions via matured AI & ML algorithms to achieve complete home automation.

For detailed information, visit our official medium account or contact our amazing team for further concerns.



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