Launch of Mevris Application for iOS Devices


Welcome to the future where you control your appliances from your smartphone. We are talking about a futuristic life that you can enjoy, while living in Pakistan. Mevris application, developed by the technology wing of Orient group has now been launched for iOS-empowered devices. Earlier, Mevris could only be downloaded on Android phones but now you can use easily download it from your App store on your iPhone. There are no charges to download the Mevris app, start operating your smart Orient appliances and enjoy this new and unparalleled experience.

Mevris is an IoT-based home automation platform. The purpose of developing the platform was to ensure a seamless management system of various Orient electronic devices. The application allows users to use different appliances simultaneously, which makes it easier for end user to switch controls.

Empowered with ML and AI-based chatbots, Mevris enables users to operate their smart Orient appliances via speech and text commands using their skype, slack and Facebook accounts. The platform is backed by reliable cloud storage services that are managed and maintained on a regular basis.

Here are some of the best features of Mevris application:

Control remotely

With Orient’s air conditioners, you don’t have to come into a hot and humid room after a long day at work and then turn it on. Rather with the help of the Mevris application (available on both iOS & Android platform) you can turn it on from your smartphone when you are on the way to home. This way, you get welcomed by a room that is chilled just the way you like it.

Similarly, if you ever forget to turn off the air conditioner in a hurry – simply turn it off from your smartphone.

Schedule in advance

If you like to have your air conditioner turned on at a certain time every day, you can skip the hassle of turning it on via your smartphone every day and simply schedule in advance. With Orient, you can easily design a schedule that instructs the air conditioner when to turn on and off. You will not only save your precious time but also won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it on or off. This feature is still in the beta phase and will soon be launched for smart appliances.

Know your data

We have become so used to digesting large chunks of data and information on a daily basis that now we want to know just everything. When it comes to air conditioners, it is natural to get an idea about the amount of electricity units that have been consumed till now. With Orient appliances, you get to have access to this data. With the help of easy-to-understand visuals and graphs, you’d be able to see the consumption of electricity.

Download Mevris app today on your iPhone or iPad and start controlling your smart Orient air conditioner with it. Currently, you can only control your smart air conditioners with it but in the near future, more smart appliances will be added on the Mevris platform.

Here is the download link for iOS Mevris app:

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