Troubleshooting your Air Conditioner to Fix Common Problems

Your Air conditioner stopped working? This happens, especially in the hot summer months can cause panic as well as despair. The cause may be as simple as a damaged fuse or a triggered circuit breaker, you just cannot brush the matter under the carpet.

The following problem-solving guide can help you assess three of the most repetitive problems and resolve them by yourself, instead of calling in professional help. Before we list down the problems and see how they can be resolved, it is paramount to acknowledge that most of the air conditioner glitches we face are triggered because of the lack of upkeep. For this very reason, the first step to prevention is to always get your air conditioner serviced at the very start of the season.

For most air conditioner difficulties, we definitely recommend calling professionals in for help but we do believe that there are some prevalent and simple problems that can be fixed by the owner on their own.

Frequent Problems

  • My AC won’t turn on!

In case of your air conditioner not starting, the first thing you should do is check out the outside unit and see if the condenser is operating or not. Assure that the AC is properly plugged in and there are no hitches with the power supply.You need to see if a tripped breaker or a blown fuse is not to blame. This can easily be checked from your main supply.

If your AC does not turn on even after all these issues do not appear to be a problem, it is quite likely that your coil may have frozen or your motor and compressor may be the cause. In this case, calling an expert is the best option if you do not want to damage the AC or cause any other lasting complications.

  • AC is not cooling!

When we say maintenance is important, we mean it. The first reason for your AC is not working could be a dusty or congested air condenser. Firstly, check the outside unit and ascertain if it is clean or if there is any dirt, leaves or debris covering the unit’s air flow.The next step is to check the air filters of the indoor unit. You may use a rag or a vacuum cleaner to keep the filters clean. If the filters are not kept clean, the air restricted to the condenser can be the reason your coil freezes. In case of pets, you will need to clean the air filters more frequently as well.Filter Test: A decent way to see if the filters are clean is to take them out and try to see through them.

If all these are not the problems, then the issue may lie with your compressor and refrigerant in which case, you will have to call a professional to come take a look.

  • Not Cooling Adequately

The first thing to keep in mind whenever you are buying an AC is the dimensions of the room with reference to the size of your air conditioner. In case you buy an air conditioner that has a smaller capacity than that of your room, you will not only get high electricity bills but also, the cooling would not be optimum.

These are few problems that you can manage yourself but if your air conditioner still does not work, it's better to call in the experts!



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